questionswhy does target lie to us when they say freeā€¦


free shipping over $45 or if you use your redcard. I suspect you're just a poor reader of the english language.


Some men just want to watch the world burn.


Why do you use the word "lie" instead of "made it too complicated for me to understand?"


I think you can probably answer without being meanie poopy heads. =P


@drsilentg: I thought they were transparent triangles.


@thunderthighs: ...but the mean poopy heads were FUNNY.

Good morning, nice to see you, how was the weekend?

Is it just me, or does it seem like people are extra crabby this morning?


Hey don't affiliate yourself with such nonsense .
Can you explain to me what this mean ?
DVD Muppet takes New York and this sale is on sale and free shipping regardless price you pay.
I think you are a share holder is why you are defending lies.
We know who you are and am aware of $45 free shipping.


@mikepapa: It says right under the price and product name, free shipping when you spend $50.


While I 100% AGREE that you should read the fine print/ discount. I do find it super annoying when I get marketing emails that say FREE SHIPPING and then once you get inside the email or worse off not until you click onto the site does it give you the addtional details of with a purchase over X amount.

Major bad one at this is Kohls .... they send FREE SHIPPING emails every other day I swear and they are 9 times out of 10 for 75 or more.


It really is free shipping if you buy enough. It's a lot like Amazon's FSSS program; increase purchases, throw in free shipping.


crap, he's on to us... he figured out we're all shareholders.