questionscan anyone recommend a data backup solution?


Have you ruled out an off-site premium based backup service? I've used Carbonite for the past year or so. I pay $100 a year which includes the mirror image backup of my entire hard-drive. If you just want to back up a few important documents it'll run you $59 a year. I believe it is an unlimited amount of data as well. It may be a good solution for you instead of spending hundreds on hardware. Just an additional thought!


@eraten: I don't have a good answer for the original poster, but yours certainly is not helpful to him. He wants multiple computers to have 2-3TB of storage. Carbonite's multi-computer packages max out at 0.5TB, and $600/year.


I'm very happy with It's like Carbonite but without the data-throttling which effectively puts a quite hard limit on their "unlimited" service. Dirt cheap too.


seagate freeagent goflex home. The drive pulls out of the dock, so you can get a second dock for at home. Move the drive from dock to dock as needed. Also accessible from the web and/or smartphones. Got mine about 6 months ago and love it. The memeo backup software it comes with is easy to use, just select which folders you want backed up, and whenever a new file appears in those folders, it gets immediately backed up.


Thanks to all. Yes, I would rather keep my own data instead of putting it in the cloud as the business side has public sensitive data, and my personal side has my own sensitive data.

Thanks for the lifehacker link, I will read about that, sounds interesting.

I like the Seagate Freeagent GoFlex docking situation, and the ability to just use different docks. That would help me keep everything physically separate as well by keeping my office backup physically at home and my home backup physically at the office. Reminds me of 15 years ago doing tape backups at my data center and keeping them offsite!