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Looks like the answer might be NO. Good luck


I am using a unit from Harbor Freight that is currently on sale for $80:
I have been using it to clean surgical instruments in our veterinary clinic for a couple of years and have been very happy with it. I have another similar capacity medical unit I paid 3X that used. This second unit does not work quite as well and does not heat. My only (minor) complaint about the HF unit is that it would be nice if it was larger. HF also sells a smaller cleaner for $30. I've never used it. They also sell a cleaning powder that works well in solution that I suspect is primarily TSP.


@nortonsark: Having no experience with these things, 2.5 liters is what I guesstimated I would need. I might pop for this and hopefully have it for awhile to get an idea of what they're about. Thanks for the input!

If anyone else is familiar with the all-stainless ones, I'm wondering how reliable they are.


I just use plain soap and water to clean my ultrasound


Looks like I got me a couple of wise a$$es posting "helpful" info. :-)


@impulsivepragmatist: Go ahead and try out the HF unit. I think it will suit your needs provided it is large enough for what you are cleaning. Harbor Freight has brick and mortar stores everywhere, so you should be able to walk in and check it out. They also generally post 20% off coupons (for one item) in newspapers, magazines (Pop Science, Pop Mech, etc), and their internal flyers. They also have an exceptionally good return policy and relatively inexpensive extended warranties (which I rarely purchase unless I anticipate major abuse).

As for the wise a$$es, just consider them color commentary. If you check out some of my other postings, you'll see I am occasionally one of them. If you cannot be a good example, be a horrible lesson.


@nortonsark: Although I haven't been on the site for months, I joined three years and some ago, so I've enjoyed many "wise" remarks and made a few of my own, clown that I am. I consider it proper etiquette to acknowledge other clowns seeking attention, wouldn't want them to think I was ignoring them and hurt their feelings. :-)

There is a Harbor Freight in the burbs here, am considering hauling over there to inspect the goods. I have thought of so many things to use the USC for, beyond my original project, it's gonna be hitting the ground running.