questionssuper soakers suck these days... whats good?


Have you tried Stream Machines? They give really good blasts and are quickly refilled but they are only single or double shots. We set up refill stations (buckets of water) all over the yard (if and when the temp goes over 85 - which it hasn't, yet).


Water hose. If you want to get fancy, add one of those spray handles.

Seriously, water guns today are awful. I feel bad for my kids. The lack of a "good" old-style pump and shoot super soaker like I remember having as a kid is a bit depressing. Even the hassle of unscrewing the reservoir, so many memories, and the ones in the stores today just look flimsy, with a severe case of form over function.


I'd give the new line out from NERF a spin, but only because I'm a NERF fangirl and I suspect they know what they're doing.
Plus, water clips.


@inkycatz: the nerf ones are so wimpy. you pump like a maniac and you get the weakest of spurts.


"you pump like a maniac and you get the weakest of spurts."
That's what she said...

Sorry, HAD to say it.


the new nerf ones are battery powered, no manual pumping necessary.

At least that's what SHE said...


@theoneill555: I like the Stream Machines a lot, but they rely on arm strength & arm length; smaller people/kids can barely use them.


I use a 'Super Duper Super Soaker' that I liberated from a building just prior to demolition.

2 1/2 gallons at 100 psi is pretty impressive, although the reload time is a little slow.

You can buy them new for about $100, or used on ebay