questionshave you had a housing rehabilitation assistance…


edit: i just did a quick search for 'house rehabilitation assistance scam" and my hackles went up. i'd look really closely into this program before actually doing anything.


@carl669: Exactly why I posted this question. And will follow thru on your suggestion.


Did you ever contact them? According to the FAQ section:
"Initially when you call the HRA we will take an application regarding your situation to determine what programs we can qualify you for. Once we determine what we can qualify you for, the next step is setting up an appointment with an HRA representative to come to your house, who will assess the scope of the project that you are looking to complete and better inform you of the services that the HRA can provide to you. The representative will then determine the necessary steps that should be taken to complete the project."

If you never contacted them, I'd be skeptical.


Have not started any contact with them since I did not want to start an interaction that could be a scam. Of course the website has all positive presentations. I figured, if this is such a positive program and USA Government sponsored, then someone [another Wooter] must have had work done and hopefully positive. I think I am going to call my Community Board tomorrow to see what they know about this HRA. My thanks for your answer; of course, I did that +thing for it.


@drj48: I think what @mustardsquarepants is asking is "did you contact them for assistance before you were approved for the assistance?" Most of the time, scams take advantage of people in need, but I'd say that if you initiated contact with them first, that you're probably safe. Calling their office and asking for more information (get the number from the site, not the one from the paperwork) couldn't hurt. It would be a good way to know if it was legit or not.


It doesn't look like there's any legitimate connection with any government program. They probably send the same "pre-approval" notice to every home in an area.

They're just fishing for business. If you need real work done on your house get it from someone else.


My sister and I have actually used them and I can tell you first hand that they are not a scam. They are not a government agency, but they are able to help people by using government programs that are out there for certain folks. I had my roof and porch done by one of their contractors and they did a great complaints. I was skeptical at first as well, though I called in and asked for references of other people they have dealt with. They had no problems providing me with them, I actually met one of the references they provided not far from my home in Queens. Once it checked out, I felt more at ease....hope this helps.


@sandra129: Hi Sandra -- I also live in Queens. Can you give me the name of the contractor you used? Thanks, Dr.J


This was probably the best move that you could make. :)


@drj48: sure, the name was new york construction company. I don't have their phone number off hand but their website is I am sure you can get their phone number from their website if need be.


@sandra129: Thanks Sandra. I have heard their name before also with good reviews. I will get their number and I think the direct connection is better than going thru a middleman marketer. BTW, I searched all over the US Govt websites and could not anything close to the "Housing Rehabilitation Assistance" presentation. The closest was HUD and most of their websites ended in .gov with an emphasis on very low interest loans; no discounts. I learned a lot from all of the Wooters who helped and am thankful for having this forum to do so. Thanks! Wooters!