questionsare isotoner slippers still on sale?


Can you give us some more info? Because I'm fairly certain that someone has them on sale.


Kohls has the regular slippers on sale for $8.80, clog slippers for $14.99, and the satin (or terry) ballet slippers(that my mom requested for Christmas) for $14.99. You can save an additional 15% with the code CHEERS


Kolhs always has stuff on sale, but I just don't like that store.


@gigi889: I like Kohl's, but I don't buy into all their "sales." It can't always be their biggest sale of the year. It's just their regular price, which happens to be reasonable.


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@pitamuffin: I agree. I will buy from them online, but refuse to go into the store, too confusing for this addled old brain.