questionsany bee gees fans? another musical rip.


Oh no, another one gone! Sad.


Bee Gees fan here, loud and proud. Sorry to hear that another of the brothers Gibb has left us.

I did feel, though, that when he finally died, he started the whole world living.

What, too soon?


Saturday Night Fever was one of the first albums that I ever bought. :(


I heard he was doing so much better. Sad.


Oh man.. that's really sad. Condolences.

You know, we use the beat of "Staying Alive" for administering CPR.

Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah Stayin' Alive. I remember watching a concert on TV when I was seven.


@joshobra: I'd forgotten about that. Clearly, I'm out of practice on my CPR, which could be a good or bad thing...


TRAGEDY!!!!! I guess he won't be performing "Staying Alive" any more...

In all seriousness, the BeeGees were amazingly talented musicians, and I'm glad they got the respect they deserved over the last 15 or so years.


I knew it was coming, but still so sad to hear. I had not seen this one posted. RIP.

How awful it must be for Barry. Oldest brother and the last one standing.