questionsany recommendations for a sound cheap but still…


I think you're looking for a system with a receiver and such, but I'll throw this out there anyway: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 ($150). It's one of the best 2.1 sound systems available. My dad bought a set, and we both loved them, so when I left his house for college, I got a set of my own. They have excellent frequency response and booming bass, and are great for music, movies, games, etc.

My dad's had his for about six years, and I've had mine for four, and they still work like new. They have been on the market for about 8-10 years and can still be found all over at retailers like Best Buy--evidence of a quality product. Last year, Klipsch even launched a wireless version. page:
PC Mag review (also check out the user reviews):,2817,19872,00.asp
PC Mag wireless review:,2817,2358341,00.asp