questionsbasic kindle or kindle touch?


I have the touch WiFi only w/ special offers and the reason I chose that over the basic Kindle was I figured I would get frustrated when needing to type something on it and having to use the directional button rather than the touch keyboard. So far I am happy with my decision (just bought it in December)


My folks got my daughter a Touch WiFi with special offers for Christmas. One of the reasons for getting her the Touch rather than the original is that it has text-to-speech and the option for audio books through the Kindle. This might not be a big issue for some, but she has a reading disability, so those were key features.

Another reason is that my mom flips between her 1st gen Kindle and her iPod Touch for reading, and often gets mixed up on touching to turn the page vs. hitting a button. Because my daughter also has an iPod Touch, she wanted the experience of page turning to be the same, to make switching between the two as easy as possible.

we've been very, very happy with the Kindle Touch. My daughter is devouring books, and reading much more. She loves it! (I have an iPhone and iPad, and have chosen not to have a Kindle, but if I was planning to get a Kindle I'd also get the Touch)


I bought the Kindle Keyboard. I think it feels better in my hands and I like a tactile keyboard. The BIG plus, is you get free 3G. So it may be slow and the browser isn't that great, but you can still check your email, your stocks, whatever, even if you're not in a WIFI area. The other models you get 3G, but that's limited to buying/downloading books & Wikipedia.

Since I gave up carrying a cell phone, people can leave me a message at home, it's nice to have the free 3G when hanging out in the park for the day or at the ski lodge.


I have a 2G Kindle (most like the Kindle Keyboard, but with a worse screen) a Touch, and a Kindle DX (thanks Woot!).

Some people have been hating on the Touch, but I do like it. I don't mind touching the keyboard to advance and I like the smaller size. It did take some learning to figure out how to get things done, as some of the actions (like changing pages on the archived items screen) was not entirely intuitive. I have the WiFi and 3G which I really like. I have found the 3G more useful that I would have thought: good luck getting a stable safe WiFi in many airports, for instance.

The base Kindle has the same nice screen, but lacks controls. They Keyboard is more useful if you are going to browse in the Kindle Store more frequently. If you have Amazon Prime then you actually may end up doing this. Kindle lending books can only be accessed from the Kindle itself, so having the keyboard is useful to search.

Save $ and get the Special Offers version, the ads are unobtrusive


@wilfbrim: I don't go through to many airports, and we try to always stay at hotels with free wifi. Plus usually have several books waiting to be read already on the device (currently use kindle app on phone and iPod touch)

The Prime lending is going to be done, so the keyboard option (onscreen) would be a plus.

I missed out on Target's kindle keyboard 3g deal they had a few weeks ago, but I keep looking for them on sale. I hope woot will have them soon and that I don't miss them. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a kindle3 keyboard 3g for $100.

Already planned to go with 'special offers' editions.

Thanks for the opinions so far. (up votes for all)


@mschauber: keyboard makes the kindle too heavy IMO.


@davidschronic: The weight difference was barely perceptible, to me. The keyboard model just felt sturdier and I have no problem using it one handed regardless of where I am. I can be on the subway standing up, sitting on the couch, waiting in an airport lounge, laying in bed, or sitting on the floor playing with my kittens. I rarely have two hands free, so for me it's perfect.

Then again I'm perfectly happy carrying around a 2lbs DSLR camera with a 3lbs lens. Sure it's too heavy to use one handed, but if secured to my body in one way or another, I'd take that over a light point & shoot anyday ;)


We have a 3G with keyboard and really like it, but if I were to buy another, I would get the touch. I've gotten spoiled using a touchscreen, and the 3G is no longer an issue since you can't use it for anything worthwhile.


I would get the touch if you must have a Kindle. However, I own a Sony Wi-Fi and I love it...and no ads!