questionsi disappear for 3 days and now i am confused!


What are you referring to? Nothing new here, are you sure you aren't imagining it?


I'm still wondering what you're talking about... Woot has changed? When/how?


You've travelled to the alt-woot world, obviously.

Be glad you missed the deal disappearing shenanigans...they were awful.


@okham: Do tell. I'm curious to know what I missed


Heck, just one day would have done it. No need for 3 days.


@abramokids: Well, first all deals, comments and questions posted between 2 and 6 am disappeared, then the same thing happened sometime between 9:30 and 11. It was very traumatic.

Oh, and there were some minor updates to the other woot sites. Just minor font changes.

And there was the creation of Woot Plus. And shipping changes. And wootbot gained sentience.

Like I said, nothing major. Welcome back! :)


@thunderthighs: Did you notice that your staff badge and triangle don't line up anymore? It's making me a little twitchy, I'm ashamed to say...but with everything else, that's the last thing I want to drop on the beta feedback.


@okham: I hadn't noticed but now I won't be able to unsee it. Thanks a lot. =P


I think @okham summed it up well, except for the 24 hour wootlessness on Sunday.


@jsimsace: Oh, yeah. I've already blocked that part out shudders


@okham: I am currently working on a copyright for the term "woothdrawals". @lavikinga, I see your "modsided" and raise the bar. :)


@thunderthighs: I noticed that it's fixed now. Can you get them to fix the tablet problems with your super mod powers?


@jsimsace: This is my first morning home in a long while. @Shrdlu: hipped me to the changes while I was off, but I was unable to truly experience the full range of smack-you-in-the-face Woot pages. Eesh. I'm not particularly wild about the changes. I've a Dr.Seuss's Green Eggs & Ham/Woot Changes mash-up going on in my brain right now & kids to chase off my lawn.

I DO like being able to see all the loads of Wootcrap I've purchased over the years, but wish for a sort feature & a "view all" option.

I DO like the font being larger when I'm typing a comment. You younger folks will understand when you crest that over-40 hill.

Sure do miss seeing my triangle by my screen name up at the top of the page. I'll be interested in seeing if it's changed to violet while I've been traveling. Guess I'll know as soon as I hit "submit."

Any guesses on just which part of the Wootiverse might break during the stress of the next Woot Off!?
It's good to be home. I've missed you snarky people!