questionssuggested replacement for an older server…


Are you sure it's the motherboard? I almost never see motherboards fail.


It's not used, but you might try Microcenter. I'm on the East Coast and doing things via Google Maps, but they do have a location in Tustin, and I think it and you are on the eastern side of Greater LA. Not even going to see what MB they have - that's your fun. I've used their store here in VA, and they are perhaps the last "chain" computer store where you can walk in and buy stuff.

Meh. Checked their website, only 2 LGA775 boards listed at that store.


@omnichad: Played process of elimination and gutting it to barebones with a different power supply, it still didn't power up.

@75grandville: Yeah, LGA775 is all old-tech "low end" or lower nowadays. It's only preferable since we already have spare CPUs ... one less expense in all this, y'know. I have no idea how W2k3 plays (or doesn't play) with newer hardware.


Why don't some of your words spell anything? And why do you use caps so much?

J/K, I wish I knew as much about that stuff as you guys do, but I am clueless/useless. Hope your weekend gets better!


There are still some mobos failing because of cap rot.
Are you talking 775 socket P4s? Or Xeons?
Lookup pricewatch for the xeons
You can get a great server going with multi processor dual core xeons.
Also makes you a great gaming system!


@jsimsace: If by better this weekend, you mean that I get to work on getting the server backup back up online. Basically, at least the accounting data has to be fully accessible ... otherwise, they can't do payroll! ^_^

@gidgaf: C2D, actually. The leaking caps seemed to be more an issue in the 2003-2005 era, but it was still a possibility in 2006, I suppose. In any case, it's not working, and I'm the only one nerdy enough there to know what to do.

@psaux: Thanks for the suggestions. It was too late for same-day pickup, so I held off on ordering one just in case I find a 'plan B' this weekend.


@narfcake: Cap Rot: There still seems to be old stock on shelves.
I have two flatscreen monitors at my feet, made in 2009, with caps that look like little incontinent mushrooms in the power supplies. Just there, the rest look good.


Here's a nickel, kid. Buy yourself a real server.

OK, asshattery aside, check out Best Power/Eaton UPSes. They live up to their name.