questionsso is woot going to start selling shirts on…


Interesting find. I thought maybe it was a marketplace item, but it looks like it's on a regular amazon page. with the price inreases and quality issues, this may be another big change to the woot world


@minxa1: Yeah, I'm wondering if we will continue to see this. Would be interesting.


Good find!

It does indeed look like a normal Amazon page, but this doesn't even have "fulfillment by Amazon" nor a Prime option.


It looks like a "marketplace" item. It says "ships and sold by woot" and then links to their Amazon store (which leaves a lot to be desired).

Very interesting find. Maybe this is just some new "overstock" store they're experimenting with. If this is the case, so long woot-off!


This could be a sneaky way for woot to sell derby winning shirts without paying the commission to the people who designed the shirt.

Let's keep our eyes open and complain if any derby shirts appear for sale anywhere other than on shirt.woot.


Since Amazon acquired Woot a couple of years ago... It was bound to happen


Next thing you know we'll have to order three shirts on the first night just to qualify for free super saver shipping. Yikes!


Wow...that is a good find. This was/is a test of the process for putting shirts on Amazon. No final decision yet if we'll pursue, but to alleviate any concern: we will continue to pay artists for any shirts sold regardless of on the Shirt.Woot site on in the Amazon marketplace.


@joelterrific: Thanks for the clarification and answer.



lol what the heck? Some comments on this thread disappear and appear if I refresh enough times...


@lobstrain: I noticed that. At first I thought I was going crazy.


woot,scamazon,'s alll the same jeff bezo BS.


@mudman2007: And yet, here you are. With a yellow triangle, no less.


Know whats best about this?
Amazon Gift Cards!!!!


@gojomoso: And if you have an Amazon Rewards credit card, you can potentially get something for free* using the points.


@joelterrific - If the shirt gets reckoned on shirt.woot, will the Amazon page for the shirt still remain available? Or will the Amazon product page disappear?