questionsdoes anyone know of a discount hardware website?


I just redid my kitchen and ordered my hardware from -- I had a question about my order and called them -- they're friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The prices were also 25-30% of what you'd spend in a B&M store like Lowe's or The Home Depot. And shipping was free on orders over $50 -- and reasonable on smaller orders.

Their site is a little difficult to navigate, I admit. But for the price and service, you can't miss.


You might also glance over the merchandise at

vote-for1vote-against - insanely cheap. Their regular prices are low, but they're always having sales. If you sign up for their "inside track club," it's $30, but they give you a $10 gift card, and the coupons/deals you get for it are ridiculous, it'll pay for itself on your first order.

There's a buyer-beware to a store this cheap: expect some lower-quality items. That said, I've been happily surprised w/some stuff. The 80-pc rotary tool they sell for $10 ($7 w/a sale/coupon) is an absolute steal. It's a weak knockoff of a Dremel, but I've been bewildered at how much I use it (tho, nothing heavy-duty). At $7 I expected it to break 10 secs out of the box, but it's been great for half a year.

Some deals might work like this: they sell a Sawzall knockoff for $30; you buy it, then buy blades from a decent company, because the ones you'll get w/the tool are weak. Read the reviews, and you'll often see "Arrived kinda dull, but sharpened it and it's perfect."

Good luck!