questionsanybody familiar with trx suspension training?


I know a guy who took some suspension training at the tech school. He can fix you up with a low rider that has hydraulics or air bag suspension. He can also jack your ride up so you can climb boulders with your jeep...

I know nothing of these, but they look like tension bands and/or just straps that can sorta hang on while doing mid-air push-ups. I don't know what that lady with the stick is doing... field hockey training?

Good luck! Be sure to take video of the event in case you whack yourself in the head somehow. Whacks to the noggin are comedic gold.


I use to train quite a bit with this system. The first time was interesting because it did not feel like I did much but I sure felt it the next day! I really did enjoy using this and they are quite effective.


@conanthelibrarian: aah, thanks for the reply! it does seem like something that would require the use of muscles that get overlooked in more traditional workouts. also probably a lot of "core" stuff, which means tomorrow's gonna hurt for me!


You had me at "occasionally I'll work with balls". ;)


I've been doing TRX quite a bit over the last year. It's a really great workout for muscles and balance... and dignity. When doing floor workouts with the TRX, I am pretty much incapable of not collapsing to the floor in a surprise twist of legs and giggles. So many of the suspension repetitions are just total air-sexing all over the place. So, yeah, try to be more graceful and serious than me, ok?
I can't recommend it highly enough, though. I do it in conjunction with yoga and pilates and it's done a hell of a lot for my upper arms and shoulder blade area and those muscles you have down the sides of your torso? Lat's? I dunno, google is too much clicking, but those. Push ups with the TRX are torture, though. I cannot drag my mewling little arm muscles slowly down while my legs are swaying suspended behind me. I CANNOT AND MY TRAINER BETTER STOP YELLING AT ME THAT I CAN. Then again, I just hate push ups.
Anyway, enjoy them! They're hilarious and a reaaaaaally good workout.


If you're the DIY type, there are a lot of how-to videos on YouTube for making your own TRX for considerably cheaper.


@jsimsace: i'll bump it up to "Frequently" if you play your cards right!

@goldenthorn: i have done it! i went into it as gracelessly and openly as i've gone into every physical endeavor since that bunk bed incident with my sweet little next door neighbor when i was a teen.
i'm delighted about this!
AND unlike mr caleb anderson, tiger balm will love me in the morning.



We want pics of this plz. Or better yet video. I'm talking about the exercise. Not the other.


Ever since I posted on this topic I've had TRX ads all over the place on Woot pages. Is there some shenanigans going on around here?


@wilfbrim: heh...that's how keyword ads work!
i remember the first time i discovered them. i was reading about didgeridoos for sleep apnea therapy, and suddenly my Gmail page was peppered with ads for, like, Super Didgeridoo Warehouse Emporium.

i'll bet i can look forward to said ads again shortly!

oh, and pics?? gah, i'll sacrifice a lot of dignity for comedic purposes, but man...i dunno if i can go that far.


I used free weights and weight machines for years. Since finding the TRX, about 2 years now, I never touch weights or machines. The TRX is all I need. I think you will really like it and you will be amazed at the results if you use it consistently. My body is more balanced now, and very symmetrical.

When you use free weights or machines, it is easy to over-work one part of your body and get out of balance. This doesn't happen with TRX. It forces you to have proper form and you work every muscle equally. Whether you are looking to build muscle, or just tone and lose weight, you can do it all with this.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I love talking about the TRX.


@angmonroe: very cool.
i can see how the symmetry thing would be true, yeah. as you point out, weights make it easy to favor one side. i know my left side (i'm left-dominant) has a strength advantage, so it'll be nice to give the right side a chance to catch up.

thanks for your response! and hey, stick around & discuss other stuff with us, too!