questionswhen is the best time to buy appliances?


One guarantee: Once you bought it you'll always find a better price.


Googled: Looks like the consensus is September or October. New models coming in--old models must be sold to make room.


The best time to buy an appliance, is when your old one breaks.


@devexityspace: Thats what I told my wife, she disagrees.

We're replacing/refacing kitchen cabinets so she want to do it all at once.


A lot of appliance stores will haggle on the price, just like buying a car. Just thought I would mention in case you are unaware.
Who knows ? Things might be slow at a store near you. Tell them you will wait for a sale in the fall or what can they do for you now ?
You might just get a good deal that way.

If you know what brands you are interested, check out a site like They analyze when the best time to buy a particular model ( based on sales, product cycles, price history, etc.. ) You can sign up to have them email you when the item you want is in "buy" range. They also link you to reviews. --- many from amazon, so I keep in mind that many of those are "planted " reviews.

I also consider when buying something like appliances, the service factor. I'll pay more if its from someone I know is going to give me service I can count on.