questionsanyone else super impressed with the latest…


Also, to those who have had trouble with it in the past, I encourage you to give this version a shot.


This might be what you are looking for -

I find that I look at the stalker first before even hitting the actual woot sites. @Lichme has indeed created a nice site.


@pickypickypicky: Hi there! Thanks for the feedback, it helps continued development on the project, and honestly, I enjoy doing it. Not sure what kind of problems you were having initially, but I'm glad it's working for you. If ever you do run into any issues, you can always contact me via the "Help" links on both the website and the mobile app (Android).


@lichme: No, no, thank you,really, I insist.

I used to have trouble with the notifications not working, fyi, but that seems to work perfectly now. I thought you deserved a little public recognition here, truth be told.


Great site but not a fan of their android app. Too much advertising and the links never work for me because they redirect through some kind of advertising tracking.


@portezbie: Make sure you update the app when new versions are released. I had a problem with the link going to the wrong page, but it was already fixed in the new update by the time I reported it. The commission/referral redirecting is a little annoying and more noticeable on the phone, but he's gotta pay the rent somehow.

Edit: Also, I don't think I have any ads on my wootstalker app...


@Lichme deserves a lot of praise for building one of the most solid woot tracking services i've ever had the pleasure to use. Upboats for everyone here!


@bsmith1: Still wasn't working for me in the latest version.

By ads I mean the links to 1saleaday and tanga and all that which I have no interest in and I assumed was advertising.


@portezbie: If you are using software like adblock, the app might not work when trying to click on a link (as noted in the app notes). If you have an account, let me know what your username is, and I can enable the override option for you.

As far as tanga/1saleaday, they are the last buttons, and dont get notifications sent to your phone, so they aren't that intrusive. A lot better than actual mob ads imo.


@lichme: That must be what the problem is. My bad I should have read the notes more carefully.

You're right about the tanga stuff. Sorry I was being unfair.


I agree that Wootstalker has become a gem. Unfortunately for me (and maybe for others), I've pretty much given up Woot-offs now that the allure of the Bag o' Crap is gone. The times I checked in during this Woot-off, I noticed that there was very little chat on the "discuss this deal" boards. It's sad that the only good thing left is this version of Wootstalker; if only there were Woot! worth stalking.


@gertiestn: Actually, that is one reason the wootstalker is more important to me than ever. I used to be glued woot, during wootoffs, now I have an app for that. I agree that the discussions about the products are severely lacking, or at least diffused throughout the site, and therefore of diminished value. And I mourn the loss of the revered BOC to, but the last one I snagged was the infamous santa's bag, which blew. My $8 would have been better spent at a dollar store. So even if they brought them back, I don't believe it would be the same. At least I get things done during a wootoff now.