questionshow can i get help from woot with a shipping…


If you believe you purchased a product directly from one of the sites and not from a vendor found on the deals listed here at, please contact the woot service department. Go here: and see if they can help you. Please include any order number, item name and date of purchase if you have that info.

If you purchased the purse via a different web site, you will need to contact that vendor directly and should be able to find contact information in the email that was sent to you confirming your purchase. If you can't seem to locate that email, please check your spam mail folder.


@lavikinga: I bought it from woot. In fact, it was my first woot. I did email the support email. Thanks for the answer!


@cbrooksher: It might be a few days before you hear back from customer service, especially since there's a woot off going on. If you don't hear anything by Friday, I'd definitely email them again. They really do want to make your first woot experience a good one.

@inkycatz: it's the holidays and I have a stake of mistletoe driven right through my heart. The shipping companies have hired some questionable elves to help this year. USPS isn't much better. I couldn't remember what else to recommend or direction to point him.


@cbrooksher: Woot's usually pretty awesome about sussing things like shipping out. I'm sure you'll hear from them soon. If not, you could always post your concerns again here. The mods are very responsive when issues arise. Definitely try the email route first though.


Woot was awesome with issuing a refund. Unfortunately, the purse I bought went MIA on FedEx's end. This won't be my last time purchasing from Woot.