questionswhy do people "down vote" something and then don…


This question is just asking to be trolled. There I left a comment as to why.


@90mcg112: I know they can do it, but it just seems to be a d-bag kind of thing to do. If you don't like or aren't interested in a product move on to something else or leave a comment as to why you don't like it or that it has expired or something. I stay on top of the deals I post to make sure I expire them if they expire.


I just realized that everyone is voting this down and very few people are leaving comments. Thanks, I guess I really asked for it. (C:


@mstislavski: I guess I kinda set myself up for that. My bad


@mcowan3: I agree with you it is a duschie way to behave. BTW, I up voted.
Every time someone up votes an angel get it's wings ;-)


@brasssong: @mcowan3: If you follow the way the community flows, you should understand that the reason that this question is getting negative votes, is that it is a duplicate.


Why do people keep asking the same dumb questions over and over?


stupid question, downvoted