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It's a free trial. Trial means it doesn't last forever. You should be grateful that it only expired at the end of the free trial. So many companies automatically renew for you and charge your credit card when the trial expires. Amazon has too much class for that.

And, BTW, if you were only there for the freebies, they didn't actually lose a customer. They lost a panhandler.


@quadconpana: I'm not 100% that you're right. Here is the verbiage right from Amazon's website when ordering prime: "Click the button below to start your 1-month Free Trial - you won't be charged now. If you want to continue after your Free Trial, do nothing. Your Amazon Prime membership will automatically continue and we'll charge your card (Credit Card -) $79 for the next year and annually after that." Although you do have the option after purchasing to go in your settings and click "do not auto renew." I would think that @andrewhallze would know whether or not they clicked auto-renew.

I know Amazon Prime doesn't cover free shipping on everything, so maybe that's the case here if not the auto-renewal?

Either way @andrewhallze, maybe since you think that you're the only the one experiencing this problem, you should contact Amazon's customer support instead of complaining on a mostly unrelated forum. But that's only a maybe.


Not every item sold on Amazon is eligible for their Prime service. It has the "prime" logo at the top of every item description that is part of their prime service.

Amazon isn't just 1 large store, it's a compilation of giant corporations to mom and pop shops that sell through the amazon site. Some of these smaller shops may often do not ship for free through prime.

Why so angry?


I misread this question, thinking Amazon was doing away with free shipping for Prime members or something. Phew! I am in my second year of paid Prime membership and I am happy with it. You do have to make sure the item is prime-eligible first though. And my post office offers street addresses for your po box to get around the 'no Prime shipping to po box' rule. YMMV

One gripe I do have: when the auto renew, they just do it, boom, no warning. It would be nice if a at least a few weeks ahead of time they let you know your card is going to be charged $79.


I'm sure they're devastated by losing your business. God knows that Amazon has so very very few customers anymore that they can hardly make a profit...


@mtrlgrl: When my Prime subscription renewed I received an e-mail about a month before letting me know it was going to renew and my card would be charged $79. Maybe a YMMV e-mail?


I lost mine when my trial expired, but it was expected.


I am on my fourth year f free prime thanks to my student email address :) My school lets you have different 'alias' email address that you can use to send emails... for example:
let's say my email is
I can register 3 aliases (111, 222, and 333) and still use the account for 000 to send out emails with the address for

TLDR: I have 3 additional emails linked to the same email account but with different address so that I can use it to extend my Prime membership each year :D


@hirshy: rightious, I just remembered with our email system at the college we can do something similar...

yea the thing that gets me about them cutting off my freebies is I signed up during the beta for that program, and upon doing that it said I was eligible for free shipping for the life of my account. I knew it wouldn't last forever but I figured they'd just leave it as a prime account w/o VOD access, or access to whatever else they are charging for these days.


@quadconpana: actually it was a lifetime membership, and now all it means is I get to see the amazon prime logo in place of the regular one.


@quadconpana: So I'm a panhandler for not wanting to line their pockets for their less than stellar shipping services? I guess it's better to be a sheep like you and just pay it huh?


@andrewhallze: You are upset that you're not getting something that costs money for free? You quite clearly don't know how Amazon prime works. You are either buying goods not sold directly by Amazon and therefore are not Prime eligible or you signed up for a free trial and are arrogant and self righteous enough to believe they should have let you continue the service for free. That's awesome.

There's no evidence that a lifetime Prime membership ever existed. I've certainly never heard of one and a google search yields nothing but a wish list from many different websites. Good try though.


@meh3884: Summed up everything I was thinking.

Do I wish I had lifetime prime for free? Yes.

Am I happy paying for it? No.

Do I get my money's worth every year that I do it? Absolutely. And just because I don't want to pay $79 a year, doesn't mean that it's not worth it.

I'd also like to add that Amazon's customer service in regards to it's Prime membership is pretty awesome. I know you hear a lot of people complaining but one of my items took four days to get here instead of the two (probably post office's fault since it was the only item that came from them instead of UPS) so they gave me a $5 credit in my account.


If you don't find value, don't pay it. Don't whine like a little girl because you can't get everything you want handed to you on a silver platter by screaming how important you are as a customer.

You aren't important to Amazon. You are in the vast minority. They won't miss you and neither will their 3rd party merchants. If you want to pay more to feel superior or because your panties wadded, go for it.

Boohoo you want it free. :( Uh no. You keep feeling superior paying B&M's and online retailers who fork you over as hard as possible for shipping. Woe unto you the big bad merchant charges you to make profits.


@orphicdragon: are you retarded? if i'm complaining about shipping from amazon that should of been free, why in the wide world of sports would i go pay some other asshats company for shipping and handling fees?


Amazon has set the standard in customer relations. service,price,and fairness. That most large companies pretend to practice.. They are the best! And no i don't work for anything else.. don't assume.... Read the fine print.