questionswhat is the best set of random tshirts you haveā€¦


The ones I got today, partly because they were my first 3 Woot shirts. Mario as a snake charmer, wolf shadow-puppetry, and something with a whale and an elephant. Not entirely sure what's goin' on with that one.


I got a green woot logo shirt from a set or randoms. All other bundles suck compared to that one.


I have actually only purchased 3 at one time from the most recent one and got them for free with my $20 @Jumbowoot coupon :) ...but they have not come yet
Out of the 4 Random Shirts that I have bought the best one was @-@


As a straight-from-Woot random set ...

Concerts will never be the same
and the woot logo on teal.

Then I got another teal one, so I traded it out for the pink one.

As a single shirt ... the two times I got The Cake is a Liar


Got one that said "I'm a Kelpto and yes, this is your shirt." Store clerks always laugh when they see it.


I got one that says "9 Out of 10 Rainbows are Illiterate", with a sad (un)Reading Rainbow on it. Frickin' sweet. I didn't even know it existed, and would have ordered if I had seen it.