questionshow many times has woot messed up your order and…


Just once. A shirt I ordered last week said it would ship with a torch of crap, then 2 days later it said it would not.


0. But I have heard about it twice recently.


Pardon my indelicate question, dear friend @gokulmig, but could you provide a link, please, to precisely the offer you are speaking of?

Thanks in advance.


@lichme: "sh*t with a torch of crap"? That sounds painful. If I were you, I'd be glad they changed their minds on that one.


once. ordered a massager, got a box of diapers..... got a refund and just rebought the massager from MOOFI and got the massager (btw i got to keep the diapers)


Like @drsilentg just once. I ordered a random shirt and it came blank (so technically I did get a shirt and it was the correct blank). They immediately sent me a replacement (a pretty awesome one at that) and I got to keep the blank one.


Sure Here is the content of the email i am talking about

Woot here. Remember that sweet deal on a Vizio 32" LED HDTV we hooked you up with? Well, there's a small issue. Specifically, we advertised the wrong model, and you received an E320VA instead of an E320VP. Now we debated whether or not you'd actually notice, but in the end our conscience got the better of us and we figured you'd want to get what you paid for. So here's what we can do to fix it:

1. A $40.00 credit has been put in process back to your original payment method for the incorrect model. If you want to keep the TV, you don't have to do anything further.

2. If you absolutely don't want it, let us know ASAP and we'll send you a Return Label to send the product back to us (at our cost). Once received and processed, we'll issue a refund for the remainder of the order total.

Sorry again for the mixup.



@shrdlu: I have posted up the email I got today after a week time..


i'm sorry, but it's monday and i'm obtuse on mondays.
what's uh...what's your question, exactly?


@lichme: This is a family friendly board good sir! I'm watching you ; )


@pemberducky: I understand precisely what he asked. I will translate into Ducky for you.

He ordered a Vizio TV, and after sending it on its merry way, Woot realized that what he ordered, and what he got, were not the same. He's asking if other people have had this happen. In other words, has anyone else ordered one thing from Woot, and then received another (perhaps less desirable item) instead.

It's nice that they're trying to make it right.


@gokulmig: I see your email. No, I haven't had this happen, but there do seem to be a spate of various problems of late, from people receiving broken items, to wrong items. I think it has to do with the fact that Woot no longer only ships from TX, but often is drop shipping, or using other distribution centers.

The folks in Carrollton, TX, seemed to be a pretty danged thorough bunch of folks, but you know, everything changes. It can't be helped, I suppose.


@shrdlu: Thanks for clarifying @pemberducky.. Hope he is clear now.


@shrdlu: I dont think this is a messup with the shipping, WOOT claims it is advertised incorrectly, So who ever ordered this TV is left to the same state of mine. I would keep the TV for this time but if this again happens on a more precise order, I would def return it back to them.


@shrdlu: ooh. thank you. i see.


i'd have to double-check, but i imagine this isn't the first time that this has happened. i'd like to say otherwise, but we are fleshy human people, and sometimes we make mistakes.
one time we sent somebody an empty box! we made it right though.

we will always do whatever we can to keep you happy. (that's why you can always email if you've got a concern). something about happy customers tending to spend more than unhappy ones.

is it a marketing strategy? well, it would be a pretty dreadful one, i think (see above). i think it's more likely that somebody pulled a boner, and not in a good way.

speaking of which, for future reference: i am a female!


also! i just changed your question in the hopes of clarifying a little bit. that way maybe more folks will stop by and weigh in regarding this issue. i hope you don't mind; i thought it would be helpful.

i just want you to love me.


@pemberducky: Thank you... You rephrased it better..


@pemberducky: This is my first order with WOOT and I just had this question in the mind, I understand people make mistakes but that is where we keep process and hierarchy to mitigate them.

Still these could happen with all the process in place, but just wanted to hear the voice of the community and hence the question, I appreciate WOOT giving a discount on top of it and also ready for accepting the return if I dont like it.



You got a 32" Vizio that was a different model....are the features the same? On top of that you got a $40 credit. I would smile and walk away.


@pemberducky: I could it know it from your display name :), Sorry about mentioning you as he. May be WOOT should display the avatar to identify easily.


@gokulmig: hrm, kind of a bummer that this happened on your very first order. sorry about that!
we'll chalk it up to "hazing."
hopefully you'll be inclined to give us another chance.
and hey, in the meantime, definitely keep hanging out here on Deals.Woot! it's a community of straight-shooters and smart cookies. i have a feeling you'll fit in.


I've had woot screw up two orders (I got "broken" woot skillets and I got king sized sheets when I ordered queen sized ones). In both cases, woot made good on their mistake by sending me a prepaid return shipping label and giving me a full refund without any arguments.

I've also had woot screw up a couple of other times and send me really good stuff in a Bag of Crap. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't bother to point these errors out. (Yeah, right!)


Seriously though, I'd say woot screwed up, realized they had after the fact, and offered to make it right. I didn't bother to check what the differences are between what they sold you and what you got, but I'm willing to bet that the TV you got is probably worth about the same as the one you were sold, and the $40 refund is more apology than making things fair.

I would be extremely surprised, in fact, amazed, to learn that this was a conspiracy and that woot did it purposely.