questionsis anyone having a mouseover issue in submitting…


it seemed ok when i checked, did the button make the 'depress' graphic? also what browser and all that jazz?


@wootfast: sry it took so long to get back to you, went to the gym and ran errands after morning deals checking. I run IE, and the mouseover effect was very small on the entire submit button, like a fraction of the space, happened several times. Had to click the submit several times because I initially didn't notice that the mouseover wasn't happenening. The graphic did work, but only in a corner. I edited this post three times to see how it was working now and it seems fine.

Hardware checks out, software is well MS stuff and not perfect. I didn't notice this in chrome, but I don't normally run chrome or firefox unless I'm ripping vids or doing soemthing better tasked to those browsers.