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There's enough zombie computers out there, so no need to pile on. Unless you really want to that is, and you only need to worry when the black helicopters start circling.


I am paranoid, just not black helicopters and foil hats paranoid.


Just visiting a site that is under attack isn't going to get you in trouble. If you start ping flooding the site, well, that's another story.


If you visit one of the sites that Anonymous is victimizing and don't have Java scripts disabled, your computer will be 'captured' by Anon and used in the attack.


@matt1976: I'd be worried my own computer would come under attack even though I have the latest security software. I'm not opposed to the idea though. I like some of what Anonymous does, the BART attack is the one that comes immediately to mind.

I got caught up in the Gnosis attack on Gawker and that wasn't fun. On the other hand, it was a very valuable lesson in internet security.

Interesting question!


I'm in the process of fumbling through learning Linux. I've heard of a legendary 'stealth mode' that can be achieved. I guess that's how all the computers are set up in the halls of Valhalla.