questionswhat are the best deal websites


All right, I'll bite on this one.

My best deals site is You could use your favorite search engine, but I think you'll get the point.


I enter the product name I'm interested in buying and I google it. I get about a gazillion hits on whatever and I can do a ton of research on product reviews and online prices.

When I figure out what the right brand/price/site/rebate/etc. is, I go to the familiar and comfortable retailers and buy from them when I know it's both a) a good deal and b) within the time I need the thing.

I almost never get the absolute rock bottom price, but I never get ripped off, and I never pay full price.

I love all the Woot! sites for something very different. Sort of the internet equivalent of driving by a yard sale and seeing an original Picasso on a picnic table for two bucks. Ok, it might not be a Picasso, but one man's trash is another man's Leak Frog. I'm weird that way.


Why Woot is the only deal-a-day site I use:
1.quality merchandise
2.guaranteed lowest price
3.great service
and their hilarious personality keeps me wanting to check in more often.

I wish I could find more places that sell reputable clearance items consistently.


Although I have been coming to woot for awhile to check out the junk they sell, my favorite deal site is craigslist.

My second favorite deal site is ebay, and my third favorite site is newegg.

I like woot alot, but it is more for impulse purchases than anything else. IF it wasn't for their cheeky listings and other irreverent statements about the products that they sell, they would blend seemlessly in with the rest of the internet commerce community. This is just my opinion, and I am sure some lunatic will be by to tell me how wrong I am.

I by much more stuff off craigslist and ebay than I have ever bought off woot. Woot does not tend to sell the stuff that I need, just things I might want. To me, deals is like a shotgun blast. It is all over the place hoping to hit something. No core. So when I need something I don't come here looking for it. I come here because sometimes there are good items, but mostly to read the threads and comments.


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my fav for video games is

It's not a deal searching site, but all the games they have are cheaper than anywhere else. I found out about them when I was using google shopping. They were always the cheapest.


If the poster is looking for deal-aggregating sites like deals.woot, I'm sure you'll be happy with and If the poster is looking for a deal-a-day site like the original, then the best other option I've seen is Amazon's daily Gold Box offerings. Less good are and, but I could go on and on with ones of that caliber. You can peruse all such "major" deal-a-day sites at - I say "major" because I'm sure there are new ones popping up all the time, and I'm sure doesn't have all of them.



Good summation. I've started to move away from DOD sites. They come and go too quickly and can be a huge time sink. I've also been burned more than once...although I did get my money back one way or another ;)
Dealnews --> nice RSS feed, quick & dirty, no forums.
Slickdeals --> active forums, descent RSS feed, good mobile version. Typically a "friendlier" site.
Fatwallet --> don't go there as much. Snarky forums.
Deals.woot --> Seems to have some deals that other sites may miss. Forums not as advanced as others, not as friendly as they once were.
Bargainshare --> Friendly forums, smaller site, catches deals others may miss or deals with limited quantities. Founded by disgruntled Fatwallet users.



I use Wootalyzer for notifications from their selection of deal sites, otherwise I just visit deals.woot directly.


Although I originally wasn't going to respond, I realized there was a site I used to visit, back in the day.

Steepandcheap is good for outdoor equipment and they do what I think is half-hour cycles. They are affiliated with Backcountry and I used to go to Backcountry Outlet (now Department of Goods?) as my default less expensive outdoor product store (much as Newegg is the default cheap electronics and Amazon the default cheap everything else). That said, I've never actually bought anything from steepandcheap.

As far as "non-traditional" deals go, I am a mild fan of freecycle, where people offer up items that they no longer use. I actually unload a good amount of bag of crap items there, where people (who can use it better than I) are glad to take it off my hands, e.g., High School Musical Decal Wallclocks.


for the skater/snowboarder type:

I check their stuff for my kids.


I've been using for quite some time. Not a user-based site like; more like a web-based wootalyzer.


I check for a simple overview of a bunch of sites. Lots of garbage and weird things. I see overlap between it and deals.woot, which I take right or wrong as an indication that I'm on the right track.

vote-for1vote-against is one of the best sites I've used in the past. It's an aggregator of deal sites including slickdeals, fatwallet, etc. plus DOD sites like woot and yugster. You can't beat it when searching for deals on gifts around the holidays.


@gwinter & @xoxor: I like the clean summary of the sites! I've used many of those listed. Deals was always the best hang-out, slickdeals is good for tech, etc. Different strengths to each. And yes, I'm following a similar trend in straying away from many deal'o'the-day sites.

@chaosamoeba & @combustiblekitty: Good choices on the outdoor gear sites. I've used both Whiskeymilitia and Steepandcheap. I also used to track Brociety, which has now been swallowed by whiskeymilita. However, another addition to that vein is Tramdock, which still operates independently.


I have a couple of good sites. is good for electronics since its done by Best Buy. is pretty good. They actually have a deal on here today. I also like All 3 of these are big companies who started Daily Deal sites so they are safe to buy from. A great forum to look for stuff is

Any Canadians out

Hope this info helps.


Check out a new site i just found , their the first ive seen for deal a day for your dog... and todays product has a great price!


you guys are the best!! thank you


If you guys like daily deals like Groupon, check out to see all the deals in one place.

I check it once a day to not miss anything =)

vote-for1vote-against is pretty good for random electronics :)


For camera deals my favorite is You may not get the camera you are looking for but most of the stuff listed is atleast 20% off and mostly point and shoot cameras but once is a while u may see a good DSLR deal.


Some good suggestion. I use several of them. One of my favorites is They always have a nice collection of the better deals. dealsplus is also not bad (a lot of community input. But nothing beats woot ofcourse :-)


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