questionsdo you use a real christmas tree or an artificial…


With no more kids, if find hanging a few ornaments on my indoor plants satisfies the need for Christmas decorating without the tree/moving furniture to fit it in hassle. Also I have a spruce tree in my front yard I can put lights on.


Woot didn't catch this as a duplicate, but about a month ago this one was posted Ah, well. Now that Christmas is upon us, maybe we can discuss this again. I grew up with artificial trees (including the aluminum one with a rotating colored light pointing at it). But as an adult (of sorts), I only want a REAL tree. We keep planning to do the after Christmas thing and buy a nice artificial one on super sale as a backup, but we say that every year and still haven't done it. Maybe this year.


It was asked a month ago. I don't think it needs to be "called out".

I use a real tree. And, my Roomba picks up the falling needles every 2 days. We used to use a fake one, but we switched to a real one after we moved to a house with a higher ceiling.


@Carl669 - you type a lot faster than I do! LOL! You got the dupe posted before I could finish typing. Sorry folks. Merry Christmas!


Fake tree. It saves money and hassle. I pull mine out of the box with the lights already on.

Yes, I know. Bah! Humbug!

I do think real trees are nice, but I am just too lazy.


@belyndag: only reason is because i'm the one that posted the other question.

but, to answer this one, we prefer real, but have our first fake tree this year. something about water from real trees being bad for dogs.