To stop having to log in every time I want to see "Stuff You've Bought"
A Tattle Link Directly on the deal listings
Smaller Overviews on the Dropdowns
A Collapsible Spoiler Tag
A Last Comment Sort Option on deals/Ask The Community


Since Woot Plus is just another name for sponsored advertisements, it doesn't need another tab. It just needs to be MUCH smaller. I no longer visit the pages. I just don't see any fun in it. The snarky product descriptions are hidden away, and I don't want to "read more" just to see them.

It's a real pity, too, since the actual product page has one serious improvement that I genuinely like, which is the choice of tabs with "features" and "specs" and other items. Such a nice touch, and hidden from view. just seems to be gone, and I especially miss it. When someone posts a question, and you can see that they're not a newcomer to Woot, just to Deals, it was nice to be able to get a quick feel for whether they participated over on regular woot, and it made it so much easier to be helpful when you had some feel for what level of detail might be appropriate.

There's more, but that's a start.


@lichme: Here's a thing that makes me REALLY sad over the forced login when going to the account pages. It's deliberate. There's a cookie set for "Verification" and it's set to die when you close the browser.

I don't know why someone would do that. It just seems mean and annoying.

They used to have the Tattle link on the listing itself (in addition to having it where it is now), but removed it because they felt it would be less clutter. Really. Not kidding.


I agree with @shrdlu. There are some cool new things, but overall, the new site layout has made it so that I rarely visit anything but deal.woot anymore...


My dissatisfaction with this situation can only be properly expressed in song!

I actually enjoy it a lot. I don't really look at woot+ though.


I agree with pretty much what has been said already. I especially like the idea of moving more stuff to the tabs and removing it from the front page otherwise. This would clean up the page significantly and make it less busy and distracting (is my ADHD showing?). I also hate hate hate having to log in AGAIN every time I try to access my account. Makes it much less user friendly. I loved having the wonderfully snarky and humorous descriptions on the front page and miss that terribly. I don't mind the Plus items, and have found some interesting things there, but please move them to a tab, too, and put the product description in the space they are currently occupying!


@shrdlu: Again, you have put things into perspective - I did not view woot plus as 'sponsored deals.' I now understand why they are so big. Unfortunate.

Still think it would be better in a tab - has a tab, "community sourced deals". Why not "woot plus Sponsored?" Save space in the individual sites so that the entire page is devoted to that particular deal and not full of noise from other (sponsored) deals?

Excellent comment on the new features,specs & other items. I find them very helpful. A plus for the beta!


For the most part, I happen to like the new layout. I do find myself agreeing with @shrdlu though with regards to the whole Woot Plus thing. Don't eclipse the wonderfully snarky descriptions for it.


@gideonfrost: :-| <----sardonic grin. Thanks! Actually, I don't want it put back the way it was; some changes are helpful improvements. Some are not. So hope that TPTB are listening. ...And will make adjustments.


@gmwhit: The difference between Woot Plus and deals.woot sponsored deals is pretty basic: The Woot Plus deals you purchase through Woot, not an outside company. I think they are fine where they lie.


It just doesn't seem right to give woot plus more real estate on woot page than the actual woot of the day. And displaying the woot info on a secondary page instead of the home page grumble...grumble...grumble...


@theoneill555: From my viewpoint, I believe Woot is attempting to expand there branding and get away from the One Deal A Day concept. To do this they have their main sites: Woot, Home, Kids, Shirt, Wine, and Sellout. With each main site is the daily deal, then the Woot Plus or weeklyish deals. So we can't continue to think that is just the link to the one item, but more of a directory of the Woot main grouping of deals. Then on the actually item page is the information regarding it.


@jsoko: Confused now. Understand that purchases from the 'Sponsored Deals' on deals.woot are sourced through the actual company. And woot gets a kickback on the sales. (I think that's how it works; could be they have a different arrangement based on traffic. Don't know for sure.)

Are you saying that the woot plus deals are purchased through woot, but are still sponsored? Meaning, the items are not in woot's warehouses, but are sent from the sponsor?

Aw, it doesn't matter. A rose by any other name smells the same. I still believe they belong in their own TAB.


@jsoko: And that is why they are placed where they are. If they were stuffed in a different tab, not nearly as many people would see them. It is product placement. Think of it this way - if all of the commercials for a particular TV show were played at the end of the show, not mixed in, would you watch them?


Im still having voting issues on iPad. It worked for a day or two but then quit. Also adding deals (on iPad) has become hit or miss.


@gmwhit: I don't know where the Woot Plus items are physically stored or sent from (my guess is amazon warehouses). But to purchase the items you go through the Woot purchase interface, only woot knows your payment info. I don't think that Woot Plus are sponsored deals, but is Woot's attempt to sell more product and get more sales than solely from the 1DAD.

@jha1223: Exactly!


@jsoko: As I've said elsewhere, this web redesign is not just that. woot has gone from 1 deal a day to many 1 deals a day. The business plan changed. Not recently either. I haven't been around long, but saw it coming when home.woot was implemented. It clearly overlapped woot and wine.woot. Seemed a way to get even more 1 deal a day items in. And then there was local.woot. (No comment on that. For once.)

Now woot and all the little woots are offering 1 deal a day. Oh, & sell-out woot, too. Enter woot plus. And those offerings are not 1 day deals; they last for several days. Big change. A drastic one, in fact.

It's not just a web redesign, it's the entire business that's gone in another direction. For some, it's a painful change. A difficult transition. Personally, I think it's okay...just different. I'm trying to adjust to a glitzy, overly noisy site that seems like so many others.

Edit to add: If all these Ads repel people, what good are they? The noise is overwhelming.


In the old system, if you looked at items purchased, there is a link to the item, and a link to the discussion. This no longer exists in this system, which makes it hard to find those discussions especially after a woot-off (or if you bought something during the woot-off).

It would be really nice if when you scroll over the tabs at the top, it also showed the price of the item. The only reason I can see that they did not do this is to promote clicks on the site, which I'm not a fan of but understand why.

I agree that Woot+ takes up a lot of real estate on the front page. Almost as much as the main item listed. It appears as though Woot is trying to tell the consumers that Woot+ is more important that the main purpose of the site.

I'm not a fan of the "read more" as it has been discussed by others.

Please understand, that what I have posted is in my personal opinion as a consumer/visitor of the website.


I still think @shrdlu should be in charge of web design at woot (sorry @shawnmiller). The new website is very cluttered and I really don't enjoy going there anymore either. I find it difficult to navigate because my weak mind is unable to comprehend everything that's going on.

Please give us an option of o retro version if you feel the new version should stay. Perhaps this:

Deals.woot isn't so bad. I've gotten used to it (even if the font is awful and makes me want to smack someone).


@gmwhit: I completely agree that Woot's business strategy is changing/has changed, and whether or not it is coming from Amazon or not, this is how it is going to be and we as consumers are either going to have to adapt or leave. I personally am getting used to the changes and look forward to the next woot-off to see how the site runs.


I'm fine with whatever they do. It's their site. I don't mind logging in to view what I've purchased. I don't mind where links are placed. And, as a developer myself, I'd care more about comments after a couple months, rather than a few weeks. More time for things to become less "shocking" and settle in a bit.

The only thing I want to be better is the code that warns if you're posting a duplicate item/question, since that seems to be kinda 70/30. But, the rest... I'm getting used to a bit before I decide what is "broken" or "really really bad UX" before sending any comments.


I also want what @dpn0121 said: iDevice functionality restored.

I'm ok with everything else.


@capguncowboy: Thanks, but no thanks. No one ever wants me to be in charge, including me. I'm a great second in command; outstanding, in fact. I only see the world in black and white; no shades of gray. This is bad for anyone at the top. In addition, I believe that the redesign was hardly the work of one person. Rather, it was an implementation of particular things that folks in charge wanted. I'm not too sure who those folks are, any more (and NO, I don't believe it's Amazon), but there it is.

I'd put more of the responsibility for the design at @dave bug's feet, in any case. He's the head of the dev group. SMiller is a talented designer, but I'm sure he still had specific requirements.

@jsoko: I understand where the payment goes, but (just as it is currently) information is still sent off to the vendor. I don't think it's Woot that's doing the shipping (although I mostly buy wine, so I could be wrong).

My two favorite wineries are featured right now. Don't care. I'll keep my $.


I was thinking this was going to be a Colin Hay forum.


@jsoko: you look forward to a woot-off? surely you haven't been here at the switch. It took nearly 30 minutes for Discussion to appear on Kids.woot, 10 minutes on woot Proper, and at the swithc of new woot everything crashes for 3-6 minutes. and some sites longer. I realize we're still in beta, but I am genuinely worried how the next woot-off will go. I'm also worried that all the stuff they fixed to make the BOC a beautiful thing (come and go in <2 minutes) will be lost in 4.0. I could be wrong, I hope I am, but I don't have a good feeling about it.

As for the rest of woot, I think everyone covered it well. I agree with just about everything lichme said, I have a love/hate relationship with how the QP's are featured, I think Woot plus should be moved to it's own page, or at least be made smaller.

Lastly and most importantly I really, really would love to see the writers have their work fully spotlighted on the front page. That I think is the greatest injustice of Woot 4.0


I found the Woot community forums reply box very narrow.

And heck yeah I hate typing in my log in every time I go into my account to "quickly" get to the BoC thread.


I am still digesting - I am ok with pretty much everyone's comments - not that I am 100% in agreement, but I think valid points have been made.

I want to know if @girlwootbot has survived all of this and if she ok?

I noticed that at the bottom of Amazon's front page, and I admit I have not looked at it for awhile, there are a few more links I had never noticed - such as I think a lot of this design could certainly be going along with the way Amazon wishes to have it. But I am wrong so often that I admit it - not so or maybe - or hell, I don't know!


@kmeltzer: Thank you so much for explaining your position as a developer. It's a different perspective, one that most, if not all, of us users don't think about. You said you'd care more about comments after "...couple of months..." I see that, but wonder if that isn't too long for those of us who have voiced dislike over some of the changes. Some may give up on woot & not return to the site. I've seen many say this.

What good is it if you have a new redesigned site & you end up losing your existing customers? At the very least, wouldn't you expect for the developers to acknowledge our responses & explain that they ARE working on revisions? Or NOT, if that's their stance.

The silence is frustrating. It would be a courtesy for staff to let us know something. Please?


I agree Woot Plus should have its own tab. Yes, I would click it. I do every other page.

It is very cluttered, and I miss the write ups on the items. Yes, I could click Read More, but I am too lazy. Besides, it is so distracting. I have a hard enough time paying attention as it is.

I think the shipping statement is misleading. All you can ship for $5 isn't how it works. It is kind of like the 13 deals site. They combine shipping, but only on that page. You can't combine woot and wine woot purchases, and only pay $5 shipping, be cool if you could, but not really realistic.

The Woot Plus needs a cart so you can purchase more than the first one you clicked on, if they are going to have multiple offerings. Say I want 2 lumbar packs and 1 water bottle thing, I want to be able to purchase them together. Not with 2 separate transactions. Two separate shiping fees, yada yada...

What I like:
Tabs at the top, but get rid of the ones on the side and bottom. Redundant.
More stuff for sale.


@gmwhit: You said you've heard people say they are leaving. How many have?

In my experience (15 years or so), it's always the same thing. You put out a major redesign/change and people complain about everything from the colors, the font, the link positions, the glare off their screen and their smelly feet. People don't like change. They like to come on, and see the same site they say yesterday. And, when the change happens, everything is wrong, bad, missing, broken or otherwise the 'worse thing since Al Gore invented the interwebs!" Seen it happen, time after time.



(... cont...)

So, that's why I said wait a few months. After a two-three months, the things that people initially complained about (not actual bugs, but complaints) may now be a part of their regular experience and aren't the issue they first thought. But, the remaining issues you hear about may actually be the ones you need to look at. Sort of weeding out the wheat from the chaff.

It's all part of the development cycle. And sites need to think of the long-term gain, not the possible short-term loss from a few disgruntled people.


@pyxientx: Okay, wow, I totally missed the Learn More under the $5 shipping thing. Cool that they are doing that. I was distracted. I think it is time to check my roots. :)


I'm also sure all the things people have said have been logged. Are on some spreadsheet and whiteboards. Being discussed with UX pros, and compared to industry standards and best practices. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's not generally accepted practices. Believe me, I hate certain things, but have to deal with them because of it.

So, don't get upset with Woot. I'm sure they are listening. But, I'm sure it's calculated listening.


@kmeltzer: Understand what you're saying about waiting. You are speaking as a developer; I am speaking as an individual user. And, I believe that to be true of others who have responded to this & other questions. Also, please note that I am not against most of the changes; complained about very few. I definitely do NOT consider myself one of the "disgrunted people." How many have said they're leaving? And did? Haven't the foggiest.

What I did want to convey is the lack of any response from the development team is disheartening. Again, it would be courteous if staff would let us know that they're listening. That, perhaps, some changes will be made. They don't need to enumerate them. Or simply let us know that the redesign is going to be in effect for 2 to 3 months & not to expect any changes until then. If we know that they're listening, and give us a bit of info, it makes for much smoother transition. For all of us. ;-)


It isn't just the traffic that's important. It's which traffic, and how long they stay, and whether it's useful information.

There have been several well-written articles on some of the business web sites that suggest this acquisition was more about market data than profit. Mostly Woot/Deals has very narrow margins. It may be that there was a push to start showing more profit, which would make sense, I suppose. The current "woot plus" targeted ads are far more interesting than the random crap I was seeing via Google's injected stuff before, but It's just so loud and ugly that I can't wait to get away from it.

I am usually a target market, since I spend willingly when it's something I want. This does not attract me. Not remotely.

I'd make some strong points about focus groups, and preferred changes, but it will fall upon deaf ears. This is the third time out for me, and I know it won't much matter what I think.

So it goes.


@gmwhit: Personally, I'm not exactly sure why anyone feels entitled to hear back from the development team. Or, hear from them in any sort of timeframe. As far as I know, they asked for feedback through a button on the site, but don't know that they promised any sort of response (maybe they did). And, I know for myself, I'm developer and do about whatever I can not to have contact with "users" :-) It's people with ties that make decisions, I just make them work... for better or worse. My guess is Woot is the same. pretty much at least.

They updated their site based on their (new) business strategies. All your concerns are likely being heard. Some will likely be listened to. And, it could be a good PR thing for them to just make a post saying "Hey, we're listening!" so you have some sort of validation. That's what I'd do, at least. But... I'd have to ask someone who wears a tie if I can do it, first :-)


@shrdlu: Err, Woot! Plus is not a sponsored deal. Those deals are hand-picked sales put together by our crack team of special dealologists. The FAQ entry, which needs a little polish, can be found here:


Be assured this thread has been brought to the attention of those that should see it. :)


@gatzby: Sorry if I used the wrong word. I believe that you know what I meant. I'd still like to have them shrink down, and have the pages look like the Moofi page does. I like spending money. I'm good at it. You're making it too hard, and taking the fun out of it.

Bring back the snarky descriptions. We miss them. {and yes, I KNOW they're still there, but they should be on the front. you have some of the funniest writers on the planet.}

Seriously, it seems a terrible shame that the work that went into separating out the product details is hidden to anyone who doesn't know to click through to the actual page (or doesn't want to). That was such a nice improvement. Why hide it?


@bogie21 said:

"In the old system, if you looked at items purchased, there is a link to the item, and a link to the discussion. This no longer exists in this system, which makes it hard to find those discussions especially after a woot-off (or if you bought something during the woot-off)."

Yes, this exactly. I emailed Woot about it too. Hope they change it back.


@brandie346 You can still get to the discussions of items you have purchased previously.

* Go to
* Click on View Order Details of a previous order
* Click on the offer title. It is right above the table of items purchased in the format "Your order: Houdini Vertical Wine Opener." The Houdini Vertical Wine Opener will be in green and is the clickable link
* Click the join the discussion link just below the Buy Now button and any quality posts


@joshobra: The quickest way that I can now find to get to the BOC thread is to go to the main Woot site and then click on "community" and then click on "sort by last post". Since so many people are still talking about the BOC, its thread will be near the top of the list.


@shrdlu: Yeah, I just want to make sure there's some clarity between the two... Woot! Plus is definitely is us and not a sponsor. The issue of how it appears, of course, is another story and we're constantly reading the feedback.

I totally recommend using the Beta Feedback as well -- that's going to many of us here and we have improvements in the pipe based on the feedback folks like you are submitting. The product condition/MSRP thing is just one example of that.


@csunwold: Awesome! It's like magic!

Magic? Houdini? Get it?

Thanks, I'm here all week. And I have not had ANY wine.

Edit: Oh wait, let me log in. Again.


@csunwold: Thank you for pointing this out! Adds 1 click to the last version of the site, but it gets you there much quicker than scrolling through the "community" Tab.


Someone needs to take control of this company.
I placed an order, and applied a @jumbowoot coupon. The coupon was never applied to my order.
I realized this 30 seconds later, and clicked the "cancel order" link. My order was never cancelled, and 2 days later I received a package in the mail.
1. I cancelled the order
2. I received an email saying I would be credited the difference within two days
3. I never received the credit
4. I received shipping notification 2 days after the item arrived



@atd15: A couple of things:

1) You received an order 2 (two!) days after you placed the order? That's astounding!! Getting the shipping notice 2 days after you received the order, not so astounding.

2) If you send an em to, I'm sure they'lll straighten everything out. They're really good at doing that.


@atd15: I have sent this post on to the CS group.
I will follow up with them for you.

All told.


@atd15: Sorry for the issues. I see that you did email in back on 05/29, but it was to use a coupon on your order, not to cancel. We did apply the coupon on 05/30 and we refunded you $5.

Maybe check your junk mail folder to see if our response went there by accident?