questionswhat do you do if your quality post count isn't…


Hmmm ... two options come to my mind ...

- Rant and complain that Woot is out to get you. Share that on all over your favorite social media, stage a protest at a street corner in downtown, run full page ads in the local newspaper, carry out mass mailings to every resident in your state, make crop circles spelling out your complaint so even the satellites and aliens can see it ...

- Move on in life without a worry that a number and symbol next to your username is of any major value except for one's ego.


@narfcake: What about option 3? Contact or @jumbowoot, and see if you can get the problems resolved.

They're probably not out to get you. Have you insulted any of the mods or staff lately?

Hope you get your quality back.


You should find a clock tower or a book repository.

Honestly, does it matter that much to you? If it does, you can have all 6 of mine.

Edit: Looks like I've picked 3 more up just recently. You can have all 9 of mine.


Personally, I'd go on with my life. But, that's me.


@kmeltzer: But what about the chances of a FULL MONTH OF FAME in a Woot calendar? Jeanette, as seen in the pic wearing a woot! SUX! shirt, didn't get her fame by choosing option 2, y'know! Much like Addison didn't get his month of fame by being concise in his posts ... or through showing all his special love for chibi bunnies and pop-culture based designs.


Golly people, I brag on how nice and wonderful this community is. Let's show some kindness!

Have you tried logging out and back in? That often fixes the various problems with stats.

Also, we do sometimes have to remove a quality post if we decide the information in the post is incorrect. This doesn't happen often but it's worth knowing. If we remove the QP, it is also removed from your count.

You can see the quality posts in the first post of each product thread.

Hope this helps.

PS: I'm seeing a 2 for your QPs on the posts you linked.


Cry, start a riot, spin out into a deep depression during which you change careers several times before finally landing a steady job in mass market paperbook cover design.

No, really, it will probably fix itself soon. No worries.


@thunderthighs: As always, you're the best.

I do seem to say that to the staff a lot...but I mean it every time.

Balance is restored to the universe!


@thunderthighs: Sorry. It's just that the closing line took it from a valid question, of which I would've given a more serious answer, to one that sounded like it was more of a whine instead, hence my somewhat silly answer.


That's better. Now how about some love on the votes?


I've been procrastinating on posting my response to this. I was actually going to say quite a bit more, and I still may , but for now I just want to say THANK YOU @thunderthighs. Logging out and logging back in did the trick. But my "THANK YOU" is not just for that...


I also noticed this recently. Although when I posted on one of the woot threads my quality posts showed as 19 next to my name within the thread, when I hovered the cursor over my name at the top of the page it showed 17 for several days before updating to 19. So I would say, don't sweat it - the number will get updated, it just might take a few days.