questionshow long does it take to get a magazine?


2-3 months in my experience.


whereas it seems like forever, generally it is 6-8weeks. however you must take into consideration the publication. taste of home is only published 4-5 times a year. since they did one in decemeber i think the next one is april. different magazines, different times. have you checked w/friend to see if they got an issue during this time (generally if someone gives you a script, it cause they like their script).


My friend got my subscription in isolation from any other ones, but he ordered several other magazines for himself. I think he's received one so far?


In my experience, once you've forgotten you have a magazine coming, that's when you get your first issue.


If you're ordering through a third party, it'll take a while. I ordered a Rolling Stone subscription from Tanga in the beginning of November of last year. I got my first issue about a month ago. So between three and four months?

Seems like it takes about twice as long as if you were to get the magazine through the publisher. Which, alright, I guess each side has to do it's own processing or whatever. But it will take longer


The magazine industry seems to think that the timeline to set up subscriptions, and the ease of maintaining them without constantly draining your method of payment automatically, has nothing to do with their plummeting relevance (or lack thereof).

6-8 weeks for your first issue, usually. Which is just unbelievable.


Funny how I get free samples more quickly than I get magazines, which I pay for...


Every one is different. I bought 4 years of Reader's Digest and got the first one in about 6 weeks. I got Rolling Stone for my brother-in-law and he got it in a month! Mad and Taste of home took longer, Rachel Ray's rag took the longest (ordered for a gift for Xmas and she just got it three days ago!)

Thread hijack: How fast do the renewal letters start coming?

Reader's Digest sent me one 3 months in to my four year subscription!

Did I mention I'm getting Reader's Digest for FOUR years!? What was I thinking?