questionsdo you have suggestions for a healthy, appetizing…


@lll0228: My cat loves Zuke's Natural Purrz. He's healthy and slender. They also have a line of Hip Action ones for older cats. We've never given him catnip either (he's doing just fine without drugs, lol).

We used to give him the ones @woothulhu recommended too (easier to find at PetSmarts and such), but those other ones are more fragrant sooner after opening than Zuke's.

Both have good ingredients though. Always check the ingredients!


If you decide to go with the Zukes brand, you can order them directly from the company:

We had a large dog with bad hips and food allergies and Zukes were his treat of choice, with wagging tail! They were much cheaper when ordered from the company and they would often enclose samples of other treats when we had orders shipped.

Their customer service is outstanding too. Once our shipment was delayed and they expedited it for us. When our dog passed, we had quite a few unopened packs of treats (we would buy in bulk) and they took all of them back and refunded our money, without concern of when they had been ordered. They also sent us a nice "sorry to hear" card, which I thought was quite nice.


Do you have suggestions for a healthy, appetizing but non-fattening people treats?


I like tabbys. True, they may be fattening (so sorry about that, you specified non-fattening... scare it a little? That way you will burn off any calories in the pursuit of said "treat")

If you're looking to go the lean route and you don't mind the taste, there's always alley!


@pricecheckaisle5: I'm with you, but I like to season and dry them like jerky. Alley can be a bit chewy, though.


@sskarstad: yes, chewy that's why.. and I should have said this before, alley really should be steamed. Sometimes when I'm not up for the chase, I go to a local restaurant which pairs it with a nice tangy sauce and a good box-wine. Hard to beat for $3.99
Some are Luisiana fast :)


Buy a bag of chicken breasts when they go on sale, slice them thin, then dehydrate them like jerky. Low fat, great protein, no additives. I buy the Waggin' Train chicken jerky treats for my shorkie, but I'm not thrilled that they come from China. Going to make my own chicken jerky treats for her this way.