questionsis there any way to buy a woot and send without…


If you buy something off of the main woot site or one of their subsidiary sites, such as tool.woot, home.woot, sport.woot, etc., I have found that there is never a price included in the box that has the merchandise. There is a packing slip inside, but there have never been prices on it.

Buying something off of deals.woot is different since you are buying from a 3rd party, not woot directly (unless you buy a deal from moofi.woot, and that's the same as the other woot sites I describe above).


I get and rec'v gifts from woot on a regular basis. check it daily. with shirts, they don't even put a packing slip in the bag. Most boxes, don't even have a packing slip. just shows woot on the box and that's it. Even the rare occasion there's a slip, it's just the name of the item and shipping info


If you buy something off of deals.woot and it is sold by a third party, just make sure to contact their customer service department directly, and usually they can leave out the packing slip if it's a domestic order :)