questionswhy was my comment deleted?


Instead of linking a deal, it's better to post the deal with a better price. Then go back and Bazinga post with a link to your better deal.


^That. For more information about posting rules, see here

If you see a better deal, more people are gonna see it if it is posted separately rather than in the comments.


@lichme: @questionsanswered: It contains a link to buy a product (these should be added as separate deals)



1: Some people won't click on the comments and just go directly to the deal to buy, and end up having to spend extra money.
2: Deals.woot is affiliated with many companies, and when you click on a posted deal (depending on the site), woot gets credited with referring the sale and gets a commission. I believe this doesn't happen if the deal is posted in a comment, and woot loses the referral money.


@lichme Totally agree w/#2. Also, think that it's important to deals.woot to have as many deals posted as possible. They boast about the number. Currently it is "371,452 and still counting," Brings in traffic, perhaps?


@lichme is correct with #2. We are not a non-profit site. We need revenue to continue. Revenue comes through affiliate commission. That's not applicable if the deals are posted inside comments. Feel free to add it as a deal and link to that deal though.

Plus, don't you want more people to see your great find and to get rep points?


@thunderthighs: I'm so glad you answered this. I've been suggesting this (as a comment) to other posters who've commented with a link about where to find "a better deal," but generally I get a lot of argument back.


@magic cave: Well, now you can link them to my post and they can argue with me.


@thunderthighs: So Amazon pays woot for referrals? Really?


Thanks @lichme: for the answer and @thunderthighs: for the 'official conformation'.

Anyone want to add All told, or is it too soon?


Grabs White-Out and carefully covers "All Told."

Did that because @shrdlu said it was 'just for @caffeine_dude. All gone now. ::Blink Blink::