questionshas anyone else noticed the new sneakier spammers…


I got one a couple of months ago. Don't hand me no lines, and keep your SPAM to yourself!


@belyndag: That one is a repeat offender. I'm starting to work on the tattles in a minute, and it should be gone in a little bit. I have a current list of comment spammers:
and this one again:

BTW, if you tattle this way, using either /answered or /commented, it's very much appreciated!


@hot72chev: LOL! Great! Now I've got that song stuck in my head!

I've gotten four of these just this week. I've tattled, but they are THIS CLOSE to not seeming like spam. Reminds me of the stuff that arrives via snail mail cleverly disguised as an official government document. Urgh!


@faughtey: I've been tracking those and a few others. In the future, I'll adjust my tattle format for you.

Many thanks for staying on top of this!


@belyndag: No, you're not the only one. I've seen a few in the past.


@faughtey: Thanks for the tattling tip. I've just been noting that it seems to be spam, but if I can put something more specific in there to help, I will be glad to do so.

As I said, at least they're WORKING for it now. So far all of the ones I've caught have been related to the deal posted and so have the comments. It might be a bit sick of me, but I just don't want them to have it too easy.

I hates me some spammers!


I have seen this occasionally. I really think they sit and google item categories and then make comments to try and drive traffic. I'm sure they will slow down this tactic when they get called out enough and move on to something new. It does make for creative website visits if you treat them as spammer hunts.


@belyndag: The ones that cracked me up were the "responses" to questions from two and three years ago. It was pretty evident from that that they were just doing a search for a generic product and then adding their spammy comments to the thread.


@magic cave and @faughtey: Just reported another one. Urgh!


@belyndag: I reported 2 yesterday and one of them again today...probably the same one you reported