questionsis there a free shipping coupon for today's kids…


As far as I know all the woot coupons are non-transferable.


I've never seen any "free shipping" coupons on woot since I've been here. The best they do is send out $5 coupons every now and then to your email. But those are non-transferable so if you don't have one in your account, you can't use the code.

From what I've been reading on kids.woot! the price of one is about $15 at most stores. And you're getting 2 for that price with shipping. It looks like a good deal at $15 shipped. Just curious, but why is it that killing the deal for you?


@ruger9mm: Correct. All coupon codes are tied to the account, so even if someone were to post a code, it wouldn't work.