questionswhich tv and wall mount should i get?


Are you looking for brand recommendations, or style recommendations?

Search ebay for the seller "assiamounts" ( for some really good deals. I use the standard tilting one for our 46" TV and found it to be excellent quality for a fraction of the price of what you'd pay at a box store. And it's held up the TV for 3+ years and hasn't fallen down yet ;)

(I have no connection with that seller other than a satisfied customer)


I would recommend to set a budget and stay within that. I just recently purchased a new plasma. I knew what features I wanted and how much I wanted to spend. I shopped around and pulled the trigger on a 2011 unit that had high marks. Shopping 2011 tv's will show their track record, recalls, issues, etc without a big hit as some of the new 2012 units. Some models really didn't differ. I used CNET, Google, Amazon Reviews, Yahoo! etc. Also pay attention to how they ship. I honestly was very peeved at the company my tv came from due to the sub-standard shipping sub-contract. It was horrible. But best of luck to you.


Thanks both of ya, I'll check all that out.

As far as brand or style- I'd take advice on both


No advice on the TV, but for the mount (and all the cables you need), Monoprice.


@panthiest: I like LG and think their plasmas, while having shortcomings, are great. Just depends on the budget and type of tv I guess. If you have 55 grand you can get one of the new OLED 50 inch tvs this Christmas. LOL.


ooh, I like the look of monoprice. Similar prices to the ebay seller, and I'm skeptical about ebay after a nightmare I went through buying a laptop on there 5 years ago.


@panthiest: Can't go wrong with monoprice. Check to make sure the mount you get can support the weight and has the requisite size holes. Other than that, you should be golden.

I really like the articulating mounts. That way, you can rotate the screen to watch the TV from anywhere in the room.


@panthiest: Monoprice is great too. But having purchased from Assia I can vouch for them too.


I like the "mount" idea, but ditch the TV altogether and go Gaston.


@dmaz: Hahaha yes!

First things first, I'm going to need a blunderbuss


I second @rprebel on the articulating mount, and third or fourth everybody on monoprice. Excellent prices there. As for the TV, there are so many out now that it has become more of a personal decision. Research reviews on the interwebz when you find a model that you like; personally I'm not a brand snob when it comes to a TV. Price matters. Good luck!


@panthiest: Some questions that may help us point you towards some particular TVs - Are there any key features you desire? What's your expected budget?


@narfcake I was thinking a plasma that's around 50 inches and under 700 bucks. Ideally 1080p, other than that I don't care much.

I found this LG for 650 with free shipping, so I'm leaning towards that.


@panthiest: Good choice. If you're near a Fry's, consider waiting one more week to see if it goes on sale. They've had it as low as $499 before and the 50PA4500, which is 720p, for as low as $399. If so, though, you would have to bring it home yourself or pay extra for delivery.

I do believe the latter is currently priced $499 at Tiger Direct.


@narfcake: No fry's anywhere in NJ (or even the north east so taking a trip for one is out) :(

Thanks for the tip anyway though