questionswhy does woot require me to be home when my item…


This is odd. I have woots mailed to my house as well as my business, and my sig other has all kinds of woots mailed to the house, too.
The mail carrier has never left us a pink slip. He just leaves whatever it is on the porch, or in the mailbox if it will fit.


It's up to the postal carrier whether or not the area is "safe" enough for the package to be left. Your best option, when expecting a package, is to leave a note in your mailbox saying: "I am expecting and have your full name and address written out. The postal worker can then use that as permission/override.


@jsoko or they'll just think you're pregnant. :P


@jsoko: That doesn't work. I have tried it before when they suddenly stopped leaving packages at the door here (but eventually started just leaving them again). They left the note in the mailbox and wrote "Sorry, has to be delivered to a person".


@hackman2007: For ones you have to sign for... that won't work but for the Woot stuff it should work.

@defragmeout: Oops somehow I left out "expecting a package..."


You may be in a neighborhood where a lot of mail theft is reported.


Sounds like you have a lazy carrier.

We had a problem carrier several years ago, he never ever delivered packages, only left us the dread "sorry we missed you" slips, even when we were home, even when the weather was nice and the door was open. One time I was in the yard bushwhacking and he left that slip.

After confabbing with some of the neighbors who reported similar situations a couple of us filed complaints with the local postmaster. A few days later we started getting packages - and no "sorry" slips; not long after that a different carrier turned up on our route.


I've never had that problem. But, then, I live in a fairly safe area and have anything large or expensive or that I think might require a signature delivered to my church (I live nearby, have a key and am friends with the secretary. She feels accepting the occasional package is just another way she can serve the members of the congregation.)


I had a package that was delivered by my mailman stolen inside my 'secure' apartment building. It was, not Woot. I never found out who took it. I prefer to have my packages delivered to my PO Box for this reason. Unfortunately, some companies won't deliver to a PO Box, including Amazon Prime items.


It's up to your mail carrier. But I would call and ask the local postmaster what's up.
I've gotten the delivery attempt slips while I was home as well. It took a few complaints to the local postmaster to start getting our normal mail on any regular basis.


My mail carrier does a few odd things. Either leaves the package in a spot promised to destroy it, packages that require signatures I might add, or they don't even make an attempt. I have been home, outside, and waved to the mail person, checked the mailbox and found "We made a delivery attempt" which necessitated driving after them to get my package vs waiting a few days for the office to get it.

On the other hand, USP actually throws packages from the street over the fence, a good 15+ feet, onto our drive way. So, I guess just be glad your package isn't destroyed, and it is slightly more safe in their offices.. as long as they don't lose it. >_< God I had my post office.

And yes, you can call your Post Master, it might get things working better for two or three deliveries. It isn't Woot though, so at least that is good. :)


Today I got the shower head I ordered a few days ago, and under "Address Service Requested" it says "Carrier Leave if No Response."
I've never noticed this on a woot package before.