questionsdid you remember to use your jumbowoot love…


@baqui63: That person needing the reminder would be me! Must be the push I need to get my kid a shirt I was waffling on.

Mmmm, waffles.



Technically, the original question should be "Will you remember ..." because it is before the 15th.


Regardless, thanks for posting the reminder, @bbdickso1. I didn't need it, but I'm sure some did.


Already used mine but thanks for the reminder.


I've got 1 or 2 left and 1 week to use them in....


Had two saved up and used them both! Whew! Still have the one that expires the end of this month so I'm on the watch for something I can't live without!


@rayray8822: "Typing DWOCT12 into any site (except for Deals.Woot and Local.Woot) will give you $5.00 off any one item. That code will be valid until December 15th, 2012"

THIS is the code that the poster is offering a kind reminder about and it is appreciated. I just have not found anything to buy with it since I forgot to use it on my last purchase. The original post is correct.


November codes are valid till Dec. 31, not Dec. 15.

"I bestow upon you the code: DWNOV12! The exclamation doesn’t count, of course, that’s just punctuation. . . . Also it’s worth noting that this coupon expires on 12/31/12"


thanks for reminder. I did use mine already