questionsdid you know that texas instruments has announced…


Personally, I think this is a good idea that should have been implemented some time ago. I wouldn't mind one of these, but I don't see how this could compare to my TI Nspire CX color calculator.


Looking forward to hear about the update to Phoenix. I used to be so good at that game...then my calculator died. Wasn't able to get it on my replacement.


This is great, I had a TI-84 in high school that was stolen a few years later while in college. I miss that beast of a calculator.


@patboersma: It should be nearly identical to the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition with a B/W screen except for any new features afforded it by the color display.

However, this new TI-84 Plus will use a rechargeable battery rather than replaceable store bought batteries. So as long as you keep it charged up you should have no problem with it.

Your beast of a calculator will once again rampage through Math classes like a mad rhino. Only this time, it will do so in living color. Should be fun.


Pretty sure this was announced about a month ago, wasn't it? Lots of talk at the time about how TI, with their virtual monopoly on graphing calculators, had been holding the price steady while the price of all other electronics has dropped drastically over the past 20 years, all while adding no new features. Finally, a new feature to justify the price!