questionsdo you use water line / sewer line insurance…


Interesting timing on this question because I'm about to renew my policy tomorrow.

Looking at what is not covered, the policy states: "water or sewage from outside the residence premises plumbing system that enters through sewers or drains, or water which enters into and overflows from within a sump pump, sump pump well or any other system designed to remove subsurface water which is drained from the foundation area"

IANAL but it sounds like I am covered because the plumbing from the meter to the house is part of my premises plumbing system and it's only excluded when it is not part of my system. I believe they do not cover from the meter to the road because that's the responsibility of the city. Please correct me if I am wrong on this.


I'm going to jump in and say that the meter should ALWAYS be ON the property line. Anything in the right of way or utility easement is owned by the municipality running the system. If your insurance does not cover the line from your home to the meter then get new insurance.

There should never be an instance where something you're responsible for maintaining is in state right of way (with the exception of vegetation). If you have built something in the right of way the state has the legal right to remove or alter it.


We came home from vacation last year to find that there had been a hot-water pipe leak in our bathtub. The bathroom wall paint was peeling from the constant heat and humidity, since the water heater had run continuously until it burned out, and we had a $750+ bill for water and electricity.

I guess it could have been worse -- at least the leak was in the tub and small enough that there was no overflow and subsequent flooding.

That is the only real leakage problem I've had in the 37 years I've lived here, though, so I don't think I'd be inclined to pay for insurance coverage. The leak we had wouldn't have been a problem had we not been away for a week, and we're on a septic tank so there's no issue of a sewage back-up to worry about.

(Too bad there's no coverage for replacing the septic tank and field. We're paying $6500 this month for that little job.)


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