questionshas anyone ever bought a boc off ebay?


I have bought plenty of crap on eBay, but not in bag form. Santa's bag sucked, so they lost me there, and they have several? I guess it is possible, but it seems more likely that thay had some empty Woot! boxes and filled them with their own junk. (lightbulb goes off!) I wonder if they included the bugs. I also recall, it is/was against eBay rules to sell mystery boxes.


I was thinking the same. How do you know they didn't open them already to pilfer the "good" stuff first?


Ebay actually has a policy now against Random Grab Bag Listings. You can report the item and it will be removed.

I know this because I used to sell grab bags of 15-20 Vinyl Records for $20 w/ $5 shipping, and guaranteed 5 of the records to be "named" from a list posted in the auction (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc)


Wow, that seller is charging a ton of money for those BOC's. The person wants $10-20 for the item and then $9.87 for shipping. So the minimum this person is going to make is $19.87 (well minus the shipping costs). And I am sure the person opened them.


(they have three of them)


The way my luck has been with the BOC, that would be the only way I could get one!


@devexityspace: Thanks for the info. I reported them. It's hard enough to get a BOC these days without people buying them just to resell. And if he/she is making fake ones to trick the unwary that's just despicable.


"Item 170835301489 is no longer available."
Dang old counterfeit crap. I see a foot flush for $35 BIN haha.


Wow that was very quick.

Wonder if they will end up back on there at some point.


You're better off not buying the Santa's Sack BOC; they're the ones that had the infamous Critters (whole and parts) inside them! Stick with the standard "run-of-the mill" crap!


I was tempted until I realized the one I saw was a Santa's version and they wanted $30 for it! I already got one full of critters that just went into the garbage. No critters for me, thanks. Didn't have any really exciting stuff in it anyway. I heard some people got thier's replaced & I never even thought of trying to do that. Not sure if I still could anyway. I haven't even tried for one since.


I saw that exact same listing after missing the BOC 3 of the 4 times during the last woot-off.

Not gonna lie, really considered it...

But then I saw the size of the box, and decided to pass!

Which I suppose was the same reason they didn't open it? Or was Santa's Bag of Coal not good last Christmas?


I'll admit to buying one at $25, but that was only because their bag of crap included 3 random AA/Woot shirts that was in my size too. ^_^

@grimskull89: Santa's BOC = Box Of Critters. Woot did send a replacement BOC (a nice surprise), but the general consensus was Santa's sack was a "you got what you paid for" BOC.


Reading the various topics about the Santa's BOC critters. Gross.