questionsare mcdonalds french fries a dangerous weapon?


Only to one's cholesterol level. But he could probably use some counseling.


Is he a jerk? Yes.
Are hot french fries a weapon? Even if they came straight out of the fryer, the worst you're looking at is 2nd degree burns over parts of your face and/or hands.
Painful, no doubt; Scarring, possibly; Deadly, hardly.

The proper charge here I believe is "Aggravated Battery", not "Assault with a Deadly Weapon". Different levels of proof, different sentences, different circumstances.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, he deserves to be divorced and charged and convicted of a felony. He deserves to have to pay child support and alimony for the next decade.


I think this may depend on whether they were "value fries" or "super-sized".


Shenanigans! McDonald's has a patented fry cooling process to ensure they're no higher than room temperature by the time they get to you.

The greatest danger of thrown MickeyD fries is getting poked in the eye with one of the really sharp hardened ones they include in every order.


@samstag: The sharp ones are the only crisp ones.


Figures it's a guy from Lowell. :P

McDonald's really should have labeled the fries with cautionary information. (Like they do with coffee cups, warning that hot drinks are hot.). "CAUTION: The food you are about to enjoy is considered a dangerous weapon by the state of Massachusetts".

Should be mentioned that his act was child abuse. Over zealous charges, however.


I'd think a Wendy's baked potato could cause more damage. You can certainly throw it further and harder!


@lumpthar: Somewhat off topic, but the article says that the child was his stepdaughter. Unless he's legally adopted her, he's not going to be required to pay child support, that's her biological father's job. Alimony may be another story, depending on circumstances.

Is he a great guy? Maybe not. Are these charges kind of silly? Yes. As others have mentioned, hot fries might result in a bit of burning, but they're hardly deadly.


@okham: I believe fries at most chain fast-food places are cooked in cholesterol-free oil these days.
@samstag: Those sharp pointy ones are useful for getting the pickle off the burgers, and/or removing the mustard too. When driving, it's annoying to use your fingers to remove the pickles, you get mustard and ktchup and pickle-drippins all over the steering wheel and your celphone.
@jsimsace: The food police forced mcd's to eliminate all "SUPER-SIZE" items. Now they're just large.... screw you, food police!

Now, as to the original post, I can only say the wife needs a good beating.


What @purplefeather wrote wrt the child support.

The guy does sound like a bit of a jerk, with anger management issues, though that doesn't mean that he cannot learn to do better.

As for the charges, I doubt they'll be able to make them stick so this is little more than a low news night for what ever reported the story.


Clearly they are a toxic substance, but calling them dangerous weapon for battery is a little much.


Now if he threw a McRib, that would be real news


Finally an excuse to tell my McDonalds French Fry story!

It was the Fall of 2004 and I was minding my business at a stop light in my shiney new car when a truck full of teenagers pullled up alongside me. When the light turned green one of them threw something yellow at my car and it hit my front fender with a moderate thunk.

I called the cops, gave them the license plate number and proceeded to follow them. The dispatcher had me give up my pursuit so I could pull over and inspect for damage. When I did I found a shallow dent covered in a smear of oil and what looked like grains of salt.

When the cops pulled over the car, the kids ratted out their friend who did it. The cop said the kid claimed he "only threw a french fry at the car." She didn't believe him, but I showed her the dent with the grease and salt. Damage is damage, he got a nice ticket and his parents got the repair bill.

The same car has survived many hail storms without a dent, that must have been one hard fry


Don't know about the fries,but my mom got a chicken snack wrap once that had a paperclip in it. If we were sue crazy people we could have owned that McDonalds!


Note that the man "faces charges" not that he has been convicted.

The authorities like to charge people with the highest and most ridiculous crimes so you can plea guilty to a lower crime. If plea "not guilty" and you go to trial, they will attempt to stick the higher charges on you.


That's more emotional damage than physical damage. Dad needs to go to parenting classes and anger management. It's no walk in the park raising kids, but throwing your food at them like a 6 yr old is ridiculous. It will probably be the most expensive meal of his life once the police, his wife and the divorce courts are done with him. Sad for that child. I can't even imagine how awful it would be to have a dad that found his actions acceptable.



If fast food is a deadly/dangerous weapon, can I legally shoot and kill someone in defense of myself (or another person) if I am (or I witness someone else) being attacked in such a manner?



Interesting point...

While I'm not supposed to use my guns to kill people, NY City law does allow me to do it to protect myself or others... Somehow, I don't think one could use this as a defense for shooting McDonalds workers...