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Sorry if the link doesn't work (checked it too late to correct it -- LOL). If you want to see what I am talking about, go to (or any other Woot site other than Deals), click "Join This Discussion" in the black bar at the bottom of the grey box on the right, then on the next page, click "+add a comment" in the top keft, and you'll be taken to a comment page where there is a comment box with link to a "formatting guide" and "preview" button.


Er.....Your link sent me to a login for wine.woot - are you trying to tell me something? I buy too much? Or too little? ;-) I do think it would be helpful to have formatting guidelines, etc. Also, wish they would change the pop-up box so it won't disappear forever if you accidently click outside of it. Lost a few deals, comments and answers by an errant click. This was suggested before - could have been changed; afraid to check to make sure.

Edit: Oops! You already mentioned the missing or misdirected link. Sorry.

Edit 2: I'd like to be able to "quote" on a reply, too.


@gmwhit: I tried searching for a similar question but I couldn't find anything. I've heard the search tool isn't always the most comprehensive, though.

I like both of your idea, too, the not making the comment box dissapear, and being able to quote when replying, or even quote multiple posts by having a quote formatting style.


I think this would be especially helpful for those of us who disappear for a while then come back to new changes. It's all fine and dandy for the regulars who read the questions section when it's mentioned in a comment or something there, but it would make the site a little more user friendly for the less obsessed.

@gmwhit: I copied my comment then clicked out to see what'd happen; my comment was lost. was able to paste it back, but still...would be a nice fix.


@dxdn: Didn't mean that your question had been asked; was referring to the disappearing pop-up answer box. An aside: Please don't get me started on the inability to search for questions previously asked... I will be forced to drag out my soapbox. It is next to impossible because tags that could identify are often removed. :-|


@gmwhit: A tagging guide page would be useful, too, though more subjective and complex to assemble, but categories and suggestions of how to tag would help searching.


As an example of how you can NOT find questions previously asked, I just 'asked': "Can you add a preview to answers before submitting?" No dups came up. I also asked: "Is there a formatting guide to answering questions?" No dups there either.

I believe SOME of the problem is the removal of tags. This question's tags are: meta suggestions. There is NO way, other than someone's great memory, that they would ever know if this question, or a similar one, had been asked before. IMO That's why we get SO many dups on questions.

Note: Once again, I am NOT saying this question has been asked before. Am only saying that dups are very understandable. Tags are one of the keys - and they are routinely removed.


My username is Abramokids, and I approve this suggestion.

I think there isn't much that needs to be explained for formatting on deals, but new users might like to know the @ trick right off the bat.

@gmwhit: I've actually brought up the lightbox issue before. Deals.woot overlord @shawnmiller says it's in the works:


@perkalicious11: Hi there. I believe last we "spoke" you were planning a wedding? Have you completed the remodeling project on your house? Don't just disappear and come back without explanations, details, etc.!! Hope all is going splendidly for you.


@abramokids: Aha! I knew the question had been brought up before, but I did not know it was called "lightbox." Semantics, or wording, is a question issue, too. I call it the 'pop up answer box'. ;-) Your question was asked 2 months ago, and the ONLY tag on it was meta. I would never have found that question by searching. Again, one of the major problems with the questions forum is TAGS. ...and their removal. :-(


@klozitshoper: still in wedding planning! done with house projects. Splendid indeed. I should write in the sand more instead of derailing. I miss my Wooty friends! and my sleek black triangle... ;)


@gmwhit: yeah, I'm usually one to put up many tags, only to have them all removed/changed. Apparently I can't do anything right?


@abramokids: Please don't feel singled out, tags are removed from everyone's questions. Do not know why, perhaps someone, anyone from staff could respond. @thunderthighs: ? (I paged you because, as you know, I love your name. ::smile::)


@gmwhit: You rang? I always feel like a genie in a bottle when I get paged. LOL

We edit tags on questions for "Search Engine Optimization" or SEO. We want the questions to be searchable so people can find the information they want. Some tags, while humorous, don't help with searching.

You don't really need to worry about the tags if you don't want to. We'll take care of them. Feel free to put your humorous tags in the body of your question if you want.

If you do want to tag, here's a couple tips:

chat - anything that results in a general discussion but probably doesn't get people to go off and find deals for you. Most of AtC is chat. Think of it as general interest.

meta - anything about with Deals or Woot - sites, companies, suggestions, gripes, coupons, etc.

Sometimes there's a fine line between chat & meta. It's no biggie if you can't decide. I often have the same problem.


The next tag is a category tag.

For deal discussions (things you can buy) think of this as the top level of any major online retail site: computers, electronics, jewelry, video-games, books, etc.

A well-worded question won't need further tags because the search will find the words from the questions. That's why we will sometimes reword questions.

For general discussions (chat), it's a bit harder but we're starting to figure out some general-use tags that seem to be working. Examples are: work, education, shopping, relationships, food, restaurants, etc. Note that often a chat discussion may also use the tags mentioned above and often do.

Sample meta categories are: community-deals, bugs, reputation, voting, leaderboard, and so on.

Again though, don't worry about the tags. That's our job. You come up with the great discussions and continue to be the best community out there!


As to formatting, there's really very little available on this site but here's what there is:

italic one asterisk at the beginning and end of the text.
bold two askterisks "" ""
bold-italic three astereisks "" ""

Formated URLs

[ TEXT HERE ] ( URL HERE ) no spaces
[ WOOT ] ( )

I think that's it. I should say that I learned much of that from you guys.

See what I mean! Great community!!!



@thunderthighs: Okay, I think I love you now. In a non-sexual sort of way, of course. Thank you very much!


@thunderthighs: Thanks for the helpful responses re. tags and formatting. What I am getting at is that it would be wonderful to have guides for each of these categories that are linked to within the comment lightbox so anyone can always refresh what are best practices for deals.woot, especially if the formatting or tagging principles change. ...And also a preview button (this is my third edit). Thanks again!