questionsassassin's creed iii: to pre-order or not to preā€¦


I'm an AC fanboy, so I'm definitely pre-ordering whenever I can get the cash. If you can wait for the price to drop, I'd say definitely go with that, but if not, then you can wait in line with me for the midnight release, provided you live in the same town I do and go to the same Gamestop.


If you can get the pre-order bonus stuff later, I don't see the point of pre-ordering at all.


Unless you absolutely, positively, have to have the pre-order goodies let it go. I have gotten burned in the past and had sworn off pre-ordering games. But I let my emotions get the better of me and preordered the collector's edition Mass Effect 3, with the goal of spending launch weekend (at least) with my FemShep.

That didn't work out. As you may (or may not) know, there was a programming error that wouldn't allow saves carried through the first two into the third. I had to wait (a month) for that to be solved. In that period of time I saw many deals of the regular edition: dropped to as low as 35 or maybe 30. I got ripped off.

My advice: wait until the game is released. If there are problems you can get it cheaper. Worst case is you pay the price you would have anyway. The only reason to pre-order is if you just have to have the limited edition artwork or whatever.


I'm a pretty big AC fan.. I think I'll just wait for the Amazons Black Friday deal like what happened last year on AC: Revelations where I saved like a good $30+ bucks that sold out like within minutes.