questionsare you tired of seeing "black friday" in deal…


been tired for several years now


Yes! And not just in "deals" email, the radio, the TV... "Black Friday all this week!!" "Black Friday all this month!!"

I'm fed up with clicking through only to find a miniscule price drop. In years past I've done most of my Christmas shopping online and gotten wonderful deals on toys for the Grandkids...this year? Diddly-Squat...and it's getting waaaay too close to Christmas.


Actually it reminds me why I should wait to purchase anything cause I am holding out for Black Friday lol


Yes! Pre-Black Friday, Better than Black Friday, Black Friday every day.......they are using it in everything.


People will cry about anything.


Never fear! As we transition more and more to a dotcom-driven marketplace, I'm sure Black Friday will fade away and everything will be "Cyber Monday" plastered all over the place!


As long as the deal is legitimate, I don't really care. Some of the deals really are great, especially if you were going to buy the item anyway...


Personally, I find the terminology offensive. It would be nice if the world would wake-up to the issues of cultural sensitivity and more importantly, respect.


NEVER! But then, I'm a bit Black Friday obsessed.

I will say that it bothers me when some places are tacking the phrase onto things that really aren't good deals.


The term Black Friday is offensive?!? Wow, that's taking racial sensitivity WAY too far. What, we can't say the color black anymore because it's offensive? Like, "my black lab can't swim" - man that sure is offensive. We may as well do away with colors all together huh? Good lord.


I'm tired of "Pre Black Friday".


@donnalg: Maybe we should remove the word "black" from the dictionary. While we are at it, let's get rid of "brown" to so that it will not offend the Mexican people; just to be safe. I suppose since we are getting rid of "black" we should also stop using "white", you know to be more culturally sensitive.


@donnalg: I'm sensing a bit of sarcasm that most seem to be missing. Or am I wrong?


*begin sarcasm mode

@dmmutti: Hey, are you being culturally insensitive to the "yellow" people by leaving them out of your color exclusions? And what about the "green" people?

*end sarcasm mode