questionsthanks @baybei for the boc


A garden tool set. Hard to describe, but they are smaller than even a standard trowel, with effectively paintbrush handles. These will be perfect for my planted aquarium!
An inflatable penguin Christmas ornament
A motorola headset for VOIP calling
A 3-pack of the letter "P" cut out from sparkly card-stock paper. Perfect for my love of alliteration and words that start with "P".
Some awesomely generic temp-tats
And a sticker with the words "Hot Stuff" burning up in flames. Which is already on my computer tower (where I collect such stickers, but it is also strangely appropriate).

One thing though, there was a depressing lack of stray cat hairs :(


@countdown: I'm sure one of us can come up with some cat hair to send you.

Nice BOC @baybei.

And I see @iggz 's comment was fixed... Now if only we could get him "fixed." ;)



I love seeing stuff like this.


@countdown: Sorry, I do try to keep the stray cat hairs off. As well as the other 'gifties' they like to occasionally leave! It's because I keep stuff like this in boxes/totes until I am ready to pass them on (in 95% of the cases). They were all over the box as I was packing it though, so I thought for sure there would be a bunch of hair in there! Especially since the Siamese has really been pulling out her hair lately. Oh well...I'll try to include more cat hairs in the future!

I'm glad you enjoyed the BOC though! I had a lot of fun packing everything up!

And, to all the other wootizens out there, I'm sure I'll have more to give out soon enough. I've been on a cleaning spree lately!


@countdown: So now we get a special haiku brought to you by the letter "P"?


@davidschronic: perhaps you just might
perfect haiku don't come easy


Sounds nice!

If you really want cat hair, send me your address and I'll put some in an envelope today. I can even add some dog hair, if you would like some.

Now, Just because it is a pet peeve of mine, can all of you hit beta feedback and ask for a private message (PM) button here?

Doing stuff like sending a boc, is a lot easier if you don't have to go over to old woot to talk to the person.