questionsdo you give christmas gifts to your...


It seems like we have a different paper delivery person every month, so we haven't really established a relationship with one in a long time. So the answer would be no.

It sure isn't like when I was a kid, when I used to hop on my bike with a bag and deliver the paper. Now these poor people get huge routes, very minimal pay and have to pay for their own gas. It just isn't worth it.


When we had a kid delivering our paper (two or three centuries ago) we gave Christmas bonuses. It's a business now, though; I don't know the carrier(s), never see them, have no ability to contact them, and don't do bonuses.


Every year around this time, we get a note in our newspaper from the carrier, telling us how great it's been to be the deliverer of our paper. It also includes that person's name and a post office box address. As much as I'd like to "thank them" for the job they've done, it just rubs me the wrong way when they ask for it.


I have different mail carriers fairly often, but I leave water bottles on really hot days, candy on Halloween, and a Christmas card with some snacks. Whoever comes that day gets rewarded. But I don't give cash.


My mom delivers papers and she relies on her tips as the job doesn't pay all too well. She has had some customers for 20+ years now. Some leave tips, some don't. Some give a little gift, like a yankee candle, homemade bread, a box of chocolates, others cash. She's thankful for it all, and writes thank yous when she receives a gift. It really is a thankless job. If the papers are late and someone calls in and complains, they dock her more money than they pay her to deliver the paper. She has to pay for the bags she uses in order to make sure the paper isn't wet when it's raining sideways or snowing. The company doesn't pay for that, but if she gets a complaint that the paper is wet, she gets penalized. Many of these people are considered self-employed and have no insurance, no days off, unless they pay someone to do their route for them. That being said, she does keep an eye out for suspicious activity, she knows the neighborhoods and reports suspicious activity.


I plan on leaving a treat tin for USPS, UPS, Fedex, and most importantly, my garbage and recycling guys. They're awesome. They don't charge us when we leave something big outside of the cans.

Don't get the newspaper. Heck, our USPS people rotate so often - I don't know who will get the treats from us, they also kind of suck at getting our mail to us, but I don't want to leave them out.


What is this . . . NEWS . . . paper . . . you speak of?


I do. But I've had the same mail guy for around 8 years now.


@thumperchick: I do the same with these guys, too. They're great and I'm sure they appreciate a little something extra.


I have a standing cab driver for my weekend entertainment. I give him gifts. I don't have a regular mail carrier, news delivery person, or hairdresser.


I give one to mail mail carrier. He does a good job for me, and we have a repor with one another. I generally give him something every year.

I don't get a paper, and I don't give anything to the UPS (or other delivery) guys.


@intensesupernova: Why does she do the job then? It sounds like it is a lot of crap for nothing in return. If I was told I had to pay for bags on a rainy day, I would tell the paper manager to take a hike.


everyone that helped and served us need to be remembered and given gifts.