questionsdo you make bulk purchases and then worry about…


I have no problem purchasing in bulk if it's something that either doesn't go bad (like toilet paper) and if the deal is good. I agree that the biggest issue is figuring out where to store everything. I keep items on unused closet shelves, under the bed, on top of cabinets in the laundry room. I've heard of people keeping things under tables that are covered with long table cloths, under couches, pretty much anywhere out of the way. With that many rolls of TP, if you stacked them well and had a way to cover them, I bet they'd make a pretty good ottoman. :)


No. The secret is to store the excess TP outside of the bathrooms.

I buy in bulk all the time, primarily when it is something that will keep and is on sale at a great price. One advantage is that I don't worry about having to buy food and the like when there is a bad storm or some such. Most of these items are stored in my basement on a pair of wire shelves (6' x 1.5' x 7' tall, each with six shelves).

I also have the reputation amongst my friends of being prepared for Y3K.