questionsdo you charge your ipad in your car?


It would need to be a 2 Amp car charger most Iphone other USB chargers are anywhere from 0.5 to 1 Amp


So mainly, when I'm looking, I need to ensure that the car charger is 2amp? Unfortunately both of the links wont get delivered in time. I'll have to call around locally and see if any shops have something in stock.

Thank you for the information!


@bogie21: Good luck. There's a huge difference in price from an online store versus a brick and mortar store. Expect to pay around $30 plus tax (or more) in a retail environment.


You could do this one and pay for 2nd day shipping to get it to you on Friday. It's still only $21 for me with 2nd day shipping

I guess it just depends on whether or not you want to order online


@bogie21: If you get the one from the link on amazon you can order it from amazon and get it shipped to you in 1 day. >.>

$3.99 Overnight Shipping: Get it Thursday, August 25 ( order within 4hr 46min )

It's only 14.98 + the shipping.


As a follow up, I ended up buying the iPad Rocketfish charger with additional USB port from BestBuy. Was the cheepest solution, even cheeper than Wallmart, Radio Shack, an a couple other stores with "electronics" sections.

Total cost: $29.95