questionshow clogged is your inbox?


Completely normal (or at least it should be!)

I have over 10,000 e-mails in my inbox at my hotmail address and about 5,000 or so at my gmail.

My work e-mail probably has at least 1,000.


i have no unread emails anywhere. if i haven't read them after 2-3 weeks, i just delete them because i doubt they were important.


I would probably have at least that many if it weren't for my smartphone. Now I just delete the email when the alert comes through. I read very few emails but receive at least a hundred a day.


Usual day get about 200, but my spam filter does the hard work as it captures about 500+ a day.
Usually get rid of the non urgent or only for information messages out from the mobile and then get back with the serious stuff from the e-mail client in the computer.