questionsdid you get the new ipad and, if so, was it worth…


I am working on selling my iPad2 atm on Craigslist. Once I do I will upgrade to the iPad3


Just bought an original iPad refurb at a fire-sale price and am very happy with it.... so I can't really respond to the original question. Wait a year or so and the new iPad will be cheaper IMHO.


No I didn't, and yes it was worth it.


I own iPad 1, iPad 2 and the new iPad. My favorite is the iPad 2, since the new iPad is still an A5 CPU with 2 extra graphic cores. In other words, there is no computational improvement in the new iPad over the iPad 2, but the retina display is nice. As for better cameras on the new iPad, how often do you pull out your laptop to take a photo? Same thing with the iPad... Overall, save the $$ and buy the iPad 2, unless you are a developer like me, and wait for the A6 processor (true computational quad core improvement) in a year or two... Hope this helps...


@mrsbeny: jinx! that's exactly how i was going to answer.

also, lol @ these people buying apple products...especially to "trade up".


My husband got his on Friday and has scarcely put it down since. It's his first iPad, which surprises me, because he has every other Apple device known to man. And I have the original iPad. Still surprised he was able to hold out.


I got my first and new iPad on the mail friday. I've never put it down since.. I just ordered a stylus from Amazon to play that drawing game everyone plays now!

I bought an iPad 2 the day after I pre-ordered the new iPad (so I was playing with that for about a week), indeed it's still a good tablet and has still runs smoothly compared to my iPhone 3G that lags like crazy on anything.

As a photographer (to edit pictures) and a clarity freak, I love the retina display. You'll notice the difference between the 2nd and 3rd generation. But for anything else, the iPad 2 is almost a steal at the price it is now and if you don't mind being "one step behind the crowd".

I've also downloaded and played the new retina games on the iPad; Sky Gamblers and Real Racing HD, by far it looks so beautiful in my eyes plus it runs flawlessly.. most of the time. Not all iPad dedicated applications are retina display ready now though.. which is a real shame. I'll give it another week until an app update.


I got a new iPad as a birthday gift, and I love it.

I had a 1st gen iPad, and the speed upgrades, display, and cameras are amazing. Love it.