questionsshould i play ac3?


I love the AC series. I have all of the except for AC3. I haven't competed Brotherhood yet, so I'm going to wait for AC3 to drop in price.
If AC3 is like the others, then you don't need to play them in order. It should go through a tutorial in the beginning to get you acquainted with the controls. It might even give you a little history, if I remember correctly.
If you are one who gets into the whole story aspect, then I would suggest playing the other three first. If that's not a big deal for you, I would highly suggest trying AC3. The others have been great stories, magnificent graphics, and unbelievable twists.


I'm a big fan of the AC series, but i also like games that have a sort of "slow stealth" play style so it works for me. my buddy hates any game that isn't a first person shooter, so he hates the series. i was also a huge fan of Tenchu: Stealth Assassin and the splinter cell games, so it really just depends on what you like.


@ndcouch: hm, that's a good point. I remember trying a couple other stealth titles and not liking them at all, but that was because I somehow didn't realize I was supposed to use stealth...totally used to third person action games haha

How would the stealth/ gameplay compare to something like Arkham Asylum or City (pretty much the only stealth-based games I have experience with)?


AC1 wasn't great. It was quote repetitive imho. AC2 was much improved. I can only imagine that AC3 is even better still.


@thedogma: Third person stealth rating:
Gears of War (no stealth)
Batman (Stealth is usually optional but available)
AC (Stealth is sometimes required and if not is at least preferable most times)
First few Splinter Cells (Stealth is usually required, and always preferable)

Batman has one of the best hand-to-hand systems ever so it likes to show it off. AC gives you lots of options so you can be super sneaky, you can run in and murder all the people, or something in between. Personally I will buy AC3 when the price drops because I'm cheap and because my current list of un-played games will last quite some time (curse you Steam summer sale and soon to come holiday sale).


@thedogma: not sure, i've never played any of the batman games. typically with AC, you wont start off with many good weapons and stealth will be your best friend. But as you progress you will gain more skills, better equipment, and learn better combat moves, and stealth becomes less and less important. Like someone else said, it is sometimes required for the mission, but you dont HAVE to be stealthy all the time.


Played AC1, AC2, AC: Brotherhood and AC: Revelations in order on PS3. Overall a great game (didn't really bother with multiplayer much) on all of the series, each one getting better feature-wise.

If you're a fan of the game (splinter cell meets prince of persia) and the storyline then I'm sure you'll love AC3.

I haven't picked up AC3 yet, but I probably would instantly get it if I managed to see a good deal from black friday (I remembered getting AC: Revelations for like $30 last year).

I do agree that some of them were a bit repetitive though, but what game in this genre have I played that really wasn't?


I would say yes. Being an AC fan from the begging I can tell you each game has just gotten better every time.
I haven't finished Revelations, but I hear good things. A friend is currently playing III and is loving it.


@joshobra: typically the only multi player game i play is BF3, but i had a whole lot of fun with the multiplayer on the last AC game. its basically a huge level, with a dozen or so actual gamers, each one is dressed as a common bystander (including you). just based on actions you have to find these guys and take them out while watching your back and not getting taken out yourself. it may not sound like too much fun, but i was surprised how much fun i had playing it


I agree that AC is like Splinter Cell and (if anybody else remembers it from back in the day) Thief. How much to you like stealth games. Personally, I hate stealth ("I prefer a stand up fight to all this sneaking around"), so it isn't for me.


@wilfbrim: I'm honestly not sure. The first few stealth games I tried I hated, but I didn't exactly realize they were stealth games. I've played both Batman games and whichever recent Spiderman game had you playing as three or four different Spidermen (Shattered Dimensions?) had a stealth aspect as well.

I did enjoy those, once I understood the concept of stealth